Monday, January 2, 2017

The Best of 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017

One of the gardens I hope to show you in 2017.

Happy new year everyone! 

I thought I'd begin the new year with a look back at the posts readers liked best and a give you at little preview of what is to come in 2017.

Not surprisingly this shade garden was your favourite.  I showed a number of terrific private gardens, but the mix of shady foliage plants in this backyard made it a standout for readers.

This post that featured a garden filled with hostas was also really popular, 
as was this post on collectable hostas.

The post on creating a butterfly garden was also a big hit with readers. 

And while I'm on the subject of insects, I was very glad to welcome Jean Godawa as a contributor to Three Dogs in a Garden. We gardeners have a tendency to view insects largely as pests. Jean viewpoint was a refreshing reminder that insects can play a positive role in the garden. 

Not surprisingly then, the post that introduced us to five insects whose role in the garden is highly beneficial really resonated with readers. 

Most popular of the craft posts was this one on drying roses and 
making a wreath using the roses you've dried.

Of all the plant posts I did on specific plants, readers responded in the greatest 
numbers to this post on Clematis.

All of the posts on container plantings did especially well. This post on trends I noted in summer containers was both my own personal favourite and that of readers as well.

A close second was this post on the spring baskets. I'll definitely repeat the hanging basket of cherry tomatoes next spring. I loved being able to go out onto the back porch and pick tomatoes for salads.

The hanging baskets of strawberries were fairly successful too, but I found you really have to keep an eye on them. Hanging baskets can dry out so quickly in the full sun! The strawberries did much better when I moved them to a spot where they got dappled sun in the afternoon. 

The spring container post ended with a hanging birdcage project. The lobelia in the birdcage died when I forgot to water it, but the ivy did really well. I brought both the birdcage and the baskets of strawberries onto the enclosed back porch for the winter. 

The post on garden sheds and another one on fences where both well-liked. Every garden needs a place to store tools and equipment and post included lots of shed-spiration.

Now looking to the future, what do readers have to look forward to seeing in 2017? 

Well, I can't wait to show you this garden near Uxbridge, Ontario. Around the bright blue house on a small corner lot there are roses, perennials and vegetables. This modest-sized garden even has a couple of ponds and pens for chickens and other birds.

This garden in Guelph, Ontario is another place I'm super excited to show you. It will probably take me 2 or 3 posts to cover both the wide array of container plantings and the garden itself.

An there will be new posts on herbs, hostas, new plant introductions and even a few posts on roses.

I also hope to have new craft and garden projects with instructions, recipes for you to try and book giveaways.

And speaking of book giveaways.... I decided to extend the deadline of the latest two book giveaways so more readers could have a chance to enter. 

You can enter to win Plant Craft here and Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs here.  If you are not a blogger, you can also enter by emailing me at The draw will now be open until January 15th.

Photo by Marnie Wright

Up next is a post a new post on Marnie's garden. In 2016, I showed you the sunny sections of Marnie's garden. Next we'll slip under the shade of some pine trees and visit the shady part of her property.   

With the aid of some of Marnie's excellent photography, we'll follow this part of the garden from spring into the fall.


  1. Happy New Year Jennifer.
    What a beautiful post.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. I hope you have a nice day as well Marijke and happy new year to you!

  2. Happy New Year, your posts are always so interesting, and your taster for 2017 is no different!

    1. Thanks Pauline! Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. Happy New Year Jennifer! I always enjoy your posts. I remember the very first time visiting your blog a few years ago and the color combinations in your photos blew me away. You bring so much creativity to what you write and photograph. I'm looking forward to more garden goodness in 2017.

    1. That is so nice of you to say Karin. All the best to you for 2017 as well.

  4. Oh, it's so difficult to pic a favorite here, Jennifer, but I think I am going to go with the Butterfly Garden. Every post here is so informative and so beautiful. Please know how very much I appreciate that.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all wonderful things for the New Year, my friend.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I did have a nice, quiet Christmas. I so appreciate all the positive feedback. Readers like you keep me blogging! All the best to you for 2017!

  5. That still is a fantastic shade garden! Looking forward to what's coming next, always love your posts! All the very best to you and yours, have a wonderful

  6. Happy New Year Jennifer! This was a beautiful review of the year past, and so much to look forward to in 2017. It is always a pleasure visiting your blog and I am looking forward to more gardening in the year ahead!

  7. Happy New Year! I always enjoy your posts, the gardens look wonderful and lush compared with our Australian landscape, and the sheds, cabins, and lovely houses,(like the blue one) are a bonus. I look forward to your 2017 plans.

  8. There is always a wealth of useful information in your posts and the photos are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to your offerings for 2017.


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