Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sadly, the Three Dogs in a Garden is on Hold for Now

Dearest Reader,

Thank you for stopping by my gardening blog. I know I have been quiet for quite some time. 

In the last couple of years, this humble little blog has faced a number of significant challenges. Principally, the global COVID-19 pandemic made photographing private gardens, as I once did, completely impossible. 

Also, the Blogspot platform I have used for over ten years now feels very constrictive and quite frankly, a little dated. I'd like to have my own website that is both easy to negotiate and provides readers with a wealth of inspiration for their own spaces. 

By far, the biggest hurdle I now face is an inability to reach subscribers (Blogspot/Google has ended its free email subscription service). I have not had a chance to research a free alternative (as this blog contains no ads, it does not generate the revenue necessary to pay for a subscription service). 

For all these reasons, I am putting the blog on hold for now. 

If you would still like to follow my garden through the growing season, may I suggest checking out my Instagram or Facebook pages. I should begin posting new spring pictures in late April/early May. 

In the backyard, the emergence of my Mom's snowdrops is a sure sign that spring has arrived. I look forward to warmer days and working in the garden I love. 

Happy gardening!