Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jingle Berry Branches

December is here and it's time to think about decorating for the holidays ahead. Today I am sharing a simple, cheerful little project: jingle berry branches.

To make my faux berry branches you need:

• some very fine wire
• red jingle bells
• wire cutters
• some bare branches (from your garden or foraged respectfully)
• blue ribbon for a bow (optional)

Cut short lengths of wire and pass one end of the wire through the bell loop. 
Twist the wire on your bell closed.

Arrange the branches a pitcher or vase of your choice. This will make it easier to 
determine where to place your "berries".

Loop the wire around the branches a couple of times and snip off any excess. Press any sharp ends of the wire inward with your thumb nail, so you don't end up with thorny berry branches.

I couldn't resist adding a few little bluebirds when I was done.

And there you have it! Festive berry branches that jingle.

I also made an evergreen version. 

To make the evergreen arrangement you need:

• assorted evergreen boughs (from your garden, foraged respectfully or purchased from the store)
• red dogwood branches
• red and gold jingle bells
• wire cutters
• very fine wire
• pine cones
• low heat glue gun & glue sticks
• shish kabob skewers
• faux red berry branches
• red ribbon for a bow (optional)

Fill your the pitcher or vase with fresh water and arrange your evergreen boughs. (Tips: Try to strip away any evergreen needles that will be sitting below the surface of the water. This will help the water stay fresher longer. Cedar and pine branches spill nicely, while fur boughs add an upright element to the arrangement.)

Insert the red dogwood branches, which can be cut from the garden or bought from a florist or store.

Add pinecone pics to the arrangement. (These can be pricey to purchase, so I make my own.) 

How to make the pinecone pics:

Create snow by brushing some white latex paint on the tips of your pinecones. 
Set aside and allow to dry.

The wooden sticks are just shish kabob skewers purchased at the Dollar Store.

Put a generous blob of hot glue at the bottom centre of your pinecone. Take a shish kabob skewer and twirl it in the blob of hot glue to coat the end of the stick. Shift the stick into its proper upright position and hold it for a minute until the glue sets.  

Use fine wire to tie the red "berry" bells to the evergreen bows. Use the same wire to tie gold jingle bells to the dogwood branches. (Note: These bells were one size up from the bells I used to create the previous jingle berry arrangement.)

Finally add some faux or real berry branches to the arrangement for that extra bit of holiday cheer.

Keep the water in your pitcher or vase fresh and the arrangement should last for a couple of weeks.

If you have a minute, check out the DIY holiday ornaments on my home page.


  1. Lovely Christmas decorations and that blue birdcage is beautiful!

  2. Your jingle berry branches are gorgeous! What a clever idea. I had all kind of broken branches after the ice storm we had last year and I never would have thought to add bells to them. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer!

  3. Beautiful decorations! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have so enjoyed your current and previous post. Lovely ideas. Gathering some twigs and pulling out an old pitcher is now on my to do list.

  5. It's gorgeous!!! I may have to use it for my kitchen decor this year!! You have so much on this post, I need to re-read it!

  6. Super cute!!! I love the bells as berries, what a great idea!

  7. Your jingle berry branches are totally adorable!

  8. I did something similar on a bouquet of evergreens, but I LOVE the tiny bells on bare branches. Gorgeous!

  9. That is a very beautiful accomplishment. I wish doing those things too, but i simply need more time.

  10. I love your next to last photo, Jennifer. Very pretty!

  11. These are beautiful, Jennifer!

  12. These are so beautiful! But I think I really like the first one simple & elegant.

  13. Lovely christmas displays! Simple to put together yet very effective!

  14. I did enjoy both of the arrangements, how lovely they look set against the cool blues of the furniture and

  15. SO sweet! Little jingle bells wired to bare branches. I decorate very simply with mostly natural materials. and this will be a new addition to my Christmas decor this year. Thank you for the inspiration.

  16. I'm so happy I passed by your blog today! This is an incredibly beautiful and simple holiday craft idea and I'm going hunting for branches tomorrow first thing in the morning. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  17. Lovely arrangements Jennifer, I like them both! I need to go online to see if I can get some bells-berries over here, great idea - thanks for sharing.

  18. This is very clever, I especially like the first one. I also like the blue and green furniture, and that birdcage, so pretty!

  19. not only is this a great and (looks) easy tutorial but your photography is terrific. Such lovely vignettes to show off the lovely jingle berry projects -- so lovely.

  20. I just love your decor. The "Martha Stewart colors" of green and blue/turquoise are beautiful. The arrangement fits the scene perfectly.

  21. Jennifer this is gorgeous and even I could make it. I will be archiving this for next year's decorations....and I agree with Donna above...fabulous decor!


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