Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 More Ways to Dress Up a Basic Evergreen Wreath

Last holiday season I gave myself a challenge: take a basic evergreen wreath and personalize it. I had so much fun with this project, I thought I would do it again this year.

In case you missed it, here's a quick snapshot of I came up with:

Based on page views, your favourites were the Lady Bug Wreath and the Blue Jay Wreath

I also did a Partridge and Pear Wreath, A White Rose & Berry Wreath and a Fruit & Berry Wreath (the links will lead you to the how-to's).

This year, the challenge again began with a very basic evergreen wreath, which I purchased at the grocery store for $10.99. 

My wreath came with a rather sad, crumpled bow and a few token pinecones. But the hard work was done for me, so I am not complaining. All I had to do was to dress it up and make it pretty!

So what did I come up with for the 2015 holiday season?

A Snowy Owl Holiday Wreath

A Holiday Bell Wreath

An Antique Rose Holiday Wreath

A Butterfly Holiday Wreath

And finally, a Teddy Bears and Toys Holiday Wreath.
This one is for the children or grandchildren in your life!

So what's your favourite?


  1. Very cute!! The bell wreath is my favourite, but they're all darling!

  2. They are all very nice Jennifer, when I make Christmas wreaths it's mostly one like your bell wreath, but it's not my favorite of this post, I love the Snowy owl wreath which is my number 1.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. lovely! My favourites are the snowy owls and the butterflies! Well done to Pauline, I'm sure she will be thrilled!xxx

  4. I'm a bit traditional, so I like the bell wreath the best, but they are all very beautiful and great projects.

  5. I love the Snowy Owl and Blue Jay wreath the best! All are beautiful!!

  6. Completely unfair - I can't pick! They are all superb. You are a talent Jennifer.

  7. A lot of prettiness here, I like it! :-)

  8. Well I think they are all lovely but if I must pick one I'll go for the Snowy Owl.

    All the best Jan

  9. Hello Jennifer girl !
    All these wreaths are gorgeous but my most favorite is the snowy owl one (I have a weakness for owls)I love the cool colour pallet .. it all works so beautifully !
    You have a wonderful artistic imagination to "see" what a plain wreath could become ... they truly are wonderful.
    Now if I had more energy .. I would love to follow suit and design some myself .. or ? just copy yours because I don't think I could improve on any of them girl ... haha !
    Love this post !
    Joy : )

  10. They're all beautiful! I'd probably pick the bell wreath for myself just for its more traditional look, but I do like the snowy owl one, too. It would be a perfect gift for a few of my friends who love owls.

  11. I cannot pick a favorite, they are all so beautiful! I wish I had your talent. I think the roses have won my heart followed closely by the owls and the butterflies. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Jennifer!

  12. The endless, creative possibilities you come up with! Love the owls and bells.


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