Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Garden in the first days of June

A thunder storm rolled into Huttonville just before dawn. 

To me, there is nothing more luxurious than lying snuggled under the covers, watching the flashes of light, and listening to the rain on the roof. 

The dogs were less thrilled with the light show than I was though. Refusing to be comforted, Rusty nervously paced the floor. Buddy wouldn't stop barking, until he was invited up onto the safety of our bed. Scrap was cowering someplace unknown.

The arrival of rain was perfect. After days of sun, the garden was grateful. 

At the moment, the garden is largely a sea of green. In amongst the green though, there is a scattering of blooms. 

So, let's take a closer look:

The currant star of the front garden is the indigo colored 'Baptisia' and paler 'Blue Star'.

In the back garden, the bleeding hearts are almost finished.

At their feet, little white anemones and tiny yellow fumitory have come into bloom.


As you pass through the arbor, the first of the Siberian irises are in bloom. 

In dappled shade, the main border is primarily green, but there are a few things starting to flower.

The bees are loving the tiny burgundy geraniums.

I have found that many perennial geraniums put up with less than ideal sunlight.

I planted this shrub in the days long before I ever thought of garden blogging and have lost the plant tag. I believe it is a a variety of Viburnum.

This is Blacksnake Root, which self-seeds in the shade. It has beautiful fern-like 
foliage that is burgundy in color.

The color purple is everywhere in the back garden. Dam'e Rocket is a biennal that has self-seeded itself throughout the garden.  After it flowers, I leave just enough to reseed the garden for next spring. I rip the rest out, as the plants are prone to mildew.

With most of the work being confined to weekends, the new vegetable beds are progressing slowly. I hope to have a progress report shortly. ( I think this post is already way too long anyway!)

For today, I end with one final picture of new favourite rose. I look forward to seeing what is blooming in you gardens.


  1. Wow, I have only been gone a week!!! Amazing how fast everything has come on.

  2. Jennifer your garden is so green and with so many beautiful flowers ... Thank you, for this lovely walk... The pink rose is just perfect !!!

  3. What a beautiful garden. Lovely shot of the garden with the arbor. Your plants look so happy. Glad you got some rain. I hope you love Carefree Beauty. She's one of my favorites.

  4. How beautiful everything is looking - my favourites are your Irises and the main border. Perfect!

  5. What a gorgeous rose, such a pure pink colour. I love your untagged viburnum, it looks like a lacecap hydrangea, so beautiful. My dog is also unimpressed with the recent storms, it's odd how scary it is for them.

  6. Your garden looks so lush and full! I divided and transplanted my siberian irises last fall and they didn't bloom this spring. I think I need to find a better spot! They were nearly suffocated by a neighboring geranium. I think your viburnum is the same one I have: Viburnum triloba, or American Cranberry Bush.

  7. I like that pink of your rose as well, what a pretty shade.
    As for storms and lightening and thunder....I have one dog who practically lives in the shower during thunderstorm season.
    Great show of spring blooms! The vase with the Corydalis is really pretty.

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous! I am familiar with black cohosh but I have never seen the plant it comes from. How did you discover this plant? I am always looking for new additions for my shade garden.

  9. Yes, it was long, but full of beautiful images, some I stopped to admire for a moment longer. Your first rose is gorgeous. There is something special about the juxtaposition of elements. The rough to the dainty.

  10. Pink flowers are my favorite flowers whether they are Carnaitions or Roses I do not care as long as they are pink............

  11. Cannot believe how quickly the garden has progressed! Roses already...wonderful. That burgundy geranium...any chance you know it's name? Have it all around..loves to seed itself about. Mine, like yours, does not have blotches on it's leaves. I call it Witches Hat but don't know it's true name.

    Beautiful photos! Is it really June already?

  12. Hi Jennifer, I really do enjoy poking my nose into other peoples gardens from so many parts of the world.The picture of your main border looks so very much like our own at the moment. Your plant is indeed a Viburnum, it looks very much like Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii'

  13. Oh the burgundy geranium is something special!

  14. I love your Carefree Beauty and hope it lives up to its name! Your garden is gorgeous, I enjoyed looking at your arbor with siberian iris and the shade bed.

  15. Beautiful pink rose. I hope it does well for you. My roses are just starting too. I love this time of year!
    My dog is terrified of thunderstorms. I have started to dread them because of his behavior. I don't even remember worrying about them before.
    Rain is always welcome tho!
    Your garden looks so pretty even if you say it's mostly green.

  16. I haven't been out in the garden much with the heat, humidity. Yours is looking lovely. I am taken with the burgundy geranium and the baptisias.

  17. Ah, yes, rain. I remember what that is. Ha! Not too much around here as of late. My dog Bridget hated the thunderstorms/ lightening. The bleeding hearts have always been a favorite of mine. Great shots!! I agree, pretty weed. We have a couple around here that are pretty as well (weeds). The arbor shot is perfect. Perfect. I love shots with gates/ arbors etc. in them. So inviting.

  18. What a treat to walk through your garden. Your flowers are stunning. I must take many more photos this weekend. Not nearly as many things blooming up north. We lived in Brampton when I was little, and I loved the climbing roses my Mom had planted there. (Not good for zone 4 though...LOL).

  19. Looking at this and the post from the botanic gardens, is like looking into the past, the couple of months that is. Your pictures are lovely by the way.

    Our Loretta lets us know when the storms will arrive, usually about 1o minutes before the warnings crawl across the bottom of the TV screen. She paces, quivers and drools, and will stay that way until well after all threats have passed.

  20. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    HolleyGarden, I am so glad to have your recommendation of Carefree Beauty rose. You know lots more about roses than I do.

    Karin, I was lucky enough to find the Black Snakeroot at my local nursery. I believe the plant is a Canadian native. It self-seeds and I never know where it will turn up. It does well in shade, so I like it for that reason.

    Bren, You were asking about my geraniums. I have two kinds of burgundy geraniums. I have a dark burgundy one with burgundy accents on the leaves. I believe this to be Geranium phaeum 'Samobor'. The other one which looks pretty identical, but has plain green leaves I believe is Geranium phaeum ' Chocolate chip'.

    Alistair, Thanks so much for the I.D. Mystery solved!

  21. What a great walk through the garden! I love Carefree Beauty and now have three of them.

    Could that be a Doublefile Viburnum? They spread quite a bit and are beautiful, or a Snowflake Viburnum?


  22. /wow, your garden is really lush and beautiful! That pink rose is really lovely!

  23. That's funny, I described my big bed as a sea of green too. Baptisia and Amsonia make such a good combination, don't they? Your pictures really capture the sunshiney beauty of late spring. I love the picture of your curving border. It's lovely.


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