Monday, January 31, 2011

A few highlights from the Interior Design Show in Toronto

What happens when you pair talented design siblings and ask them to create a space? You get fun, colorful and creative rooms. Take a peak at these rooms from the 2011 Interior Design Show in Toronto which were created by the talented design teams of: Thien & My Ta Trung, David & Glenn Dixon, Sarah & Theo Richardson and Jason & Lars Dressler.

Interior design by David and Glen Dixon.

The shadows cast on the interior walls were created by hundreds of white paper cranes which were 
suspended from the ceiling.

Interior design by David and Glen Dixon.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere at the show.

As well as the Sibling Revelry spaces, there were many other beautiful displays. 

I love the graphic appeal of using a flag as artwork. The crystal chandelier, white flowers and green Fireking china in this display were a perfect counterpoint to the oversized red, white and blue flag. British designer Timothy Oulton for UpCountry.

This is where my photography gets a bit sketchy, but I had to show you this Ikea kitchen because it was such a standout for its clever use of inexpensive lighting. Above the dark wood-toned Ikea kitchen, the designer hung a large collection of white paper shades to great effect.

There was everything from china to pillows at the show. Pillows: Lily Yung

This display was part of the Style at Home magazine booth. 

On the left is a detail of a beautiful desk by talented Jodi Racicot, partner to Marguerite of the blog Canoe CornerRight blankets from Norway, distributed in Canada by Julia Manitius, Vancouver.

For more information about the show, design and products shown visit: 


  1. I love all the bright and vibrant colors. A definate "perk me up" at this time of year. ~Alana~

  2. Ooooh ahhh, this show is heaven! I am so in love with the metal buffet / cabinet. I want one!!

  3. Dear Jennifer, These interiors flashed on to the screen as a breath of fresh air. Quirky yet comfortable to live with, there was so much to glean from each of them. I am sure that you must have had a wonderful time there and I am sure legion numbers of photographs were taken!!

  4. Jennifer, many thanks for the shout out. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. I loved seeing the photos of so many exhibits in your post. As you can imagine I've been hearing about the show non-stop this past week but as I didn't go to Toronto myself I've only been able to imagine what the exhibits must look like. Your photography brought the whole thing to life.

  5. What an inspirational time you must have had! Thanks for sharing the inspiration as there were many photos that I just poured over trying to remember so many details. Lovely!

  6. Jennifer all of the rooms and decor are scrumptious ! but that blue room really wowed me .. it is the intensity of the blue (plus the polar bear theme in the art work ? LOL) .. It can generate a lot of ideas for our own homes on a more simple level .. something we can afford and do ourselves with our own personal tough but "kicked up a few notches ?" LOL
    Very nice !
    Joy : )
    BIG storm predicted for today . watch out girl!

  7. Lovely to see the bright colours. Thanks for the tour.

  8. Great stuff! Can I have the old typewriter? Love all the color and inspiration. You shared a lot of detail in your photographs. So glad that you shared your tour.

  9. Wow...the photos are truly wonderful..I could imagine the Ikea team hanging the lanterns...hard work to make it look that have a real photographic gift. Wish I had been there...sigh..

  10. I just found your blog . It is awesome these pics are really great .


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