Friday, December 17, 2010

Photographic Color Essay Number 2: Orange

Is there any juicer color than orange? Doesn't it looks great paired with other warm colors like hot pink and mauve? I also love bright orange in contrast to cool colors like lime or turquoise. Here is a look at some of my favorite oranges from the past year.

Goldfish swimming in a tank at Humber Nursery, Toronto.

Annual Begonia, Humber Nursery, Toronto Ontario

A Tiger lily in my July garden

In my front garden, a common orange daylily paired with a pink spirea 

Frans Hals Daylily

Bright orange berries on the Euonymus in my garden

Locally grown carrots at the Farmer's Market in Ottawa, Ontario

A closer view of the rainbow of carrots


A gerbera daisy at the Ottawa Farmer's Market

Chinese Lantern (Physalis alkekengi) Invasive, but interesting.

Orange Maple leaves in the fall sunshine

Birdhouse with a snow covered roof

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderful! Fantastic color therapy on this cold winter day when there's little color outdoors here beyond white, brown, and blue.

  2. I have to say orange is one of my favorite colors in the garden. I think it goes with everything. If you look at many of the impressionist and post expressionist paintings, they mix in orange with abandon.


  3. Orange was a surprise to me when I started using it in the garden (Geums, Blackberry lilies, Heleniums, Asclepias), and I couldn't believe how wonderfully the juicy color plays with others. Your photos prove it, especially that daylily - spirea combo.... love it.

  4. I've enjoyed your colour essay #2. Personally, in my small garden, I shy away from Orange as I prefer 'cool' colours to 'hot' colours. Now come Autumn, I love all the oranges, reds and yellows and actually look forward to seeing those colours painting our landscape. When I look at your photos I then question why I don't use Orange when gardening because it does look so pretty! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Oh I love orange. When we renovated our bathroom last year I painted it orange, so cheerful. But I really LOVE the daylily spirea combo. I did something similar this year, placing a pink hydrangea next to the orange daylilies and now I think I might move the spirea to the same location after seeing your photos!

  6. So nice to see some color this time of year.

  7. Wonderful photos. So bright and cheery on these dark days....

  8. Wonderful studies in orange. My favorite is the gorgeous shot of the tiger lily.

  9. What a wonderful collection of all things orange! Its nice to see a warm blast of color in late December too. The daylily with the spirea is gorgeous.

  10. Orange has to be my favorite garden color, I especially like smokey oranges. I like to pair it with burgundies and purples.

  11. I love orange, especially in the garden! Thanks for the cheerful post! It was very uplifting. I think the photo of the fish is my favorite. I would love to have a koi pond in my garden. They are so beautiful and I've heard of people training them to eat out of their hand. Of course, my goofy dogs would probably fall right in...!

  12. You have such a great eye for composition! Stunning post to look at, thank you.

  13. I've never been a big fan of orange in the garden, but I'm fast becoming a convert. Flowers in this hot color really stand out in the garden. Beautiful photos--love the shot of the carrots!

  14. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my GBBD post. I do like the form dead plants take on in the winter. I'm always glad when spring comes, though.

    I love all of the orange in your photos! I like putting orange with other colors of flowers, too.

  15. Jennifer isn't it awesome what colours carrots (which SHOULD BE ORANGE !!!) come in and other veggies ? plus the patterning of the colours .. it makes me shake my head in amazement ! LOL
    I have to confess i am an orange freak all because it is one of the main colours of Halloween .. heck .. THE main colour of Halloween right ?
    So I love your post .. especially those gorgeous fish : )
    Orange in my garden .. Butterfly Weed and cone flowers (Tiki Torch and Flame Thrower ;-)


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