Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Garden Of Bud and Linda Adlams, Huttonville Ontario

The front yard of Bud and Linda Adlam's garden is proof positive that you don't need a large space to have a pretty front garden. This is their tiny garden, which we shot last summer.

Yellow and orange calendula with pink sedum in the foreground.

Morning Glories on the split-rail fence. 

Orange Daylilies and a whimsical set of signs.

An old apple ladder becomes a plant hanger.

A yard sale toy creates a charming planter.

Linda keeps herbs in pots right by the back door.

The garden is visited by lots of local wildlife including a family of brown bunnies. When we visited the garden at dusk, there was two rabbits just hanging out in the yard. Here one of the visitors munches happily on an apple.

Bud and Linda have numerous feeders which attract woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and many other types of birds.

The chipmunks are so tame that Bud often hand feeds them.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your last photo! Look at that little guy, happily munching on his nut! Great use of the apple ladder and those Morning Glories are just that ... GLORIOUS! Mine that I planted did not bloom all summer long, UGH.

  2. They have a lovely garden, and it is so inviting. Their idea of hanging pots of herbs on the side of the house is a good one.

  3. Dear Jennifer, Clearly this is a very personal garden and one that is so obviously loved. There are lots of delightful and individual touches. But, those rabbits....!!!

  4. Dear Edith,
    I know that rabbits are not exactly a gardeners best friends and so I have been wondering if I might get some negative comments about them. All I can tell you is that Bud and Linda have an open yard, without housing surrounding it and so there would most likely be rabbits wether or not they liked or wanted them. You might say that the Adlams have made peace with the local wildlife and by offering them food such as apples, rather then garden perennials, they co-exist as happy neighbors.

  5. Beautiful photos, the colors are spectacular. I also especially love the photo of the little chipmunk. We don't have them here but I adore them.

    Maybe not so much if we had them.

  6. Lovely garden! I like the ladder and the assorted older painted items. It look like such a comfortable place to drift the day away.

  7. Fantastic place! I loved the chipmunk.

  8. The chipmunk is adorable. I love the Calendulas and Morning Glories.


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