Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Heritage Home's Garden in Georgetown, Ontario

Isn't this a pretty annual? It is Lavatera that the homeowner grew from seed.

Located in the heart of Georgetown, this heritage house has been lovingly restored. At the front of the house, hanging baskets and decorative urns are filled with colorful annuals. Morning glory vines trail up the front steps and climb up the side of the front porch. 

A pretty vignette on the front porch

At the back of the house there is a sunken patio area with plenty of space for casual dinners and entertaining. A short flight of stone steps and an arbor covered in morning glories (above) leads to the main garden which runs along the side of the house. 

A view of the garden at the side of the house.

Bee Balm, Rudbeckia, a blue variety of Rose of Sharon and Black-eyed Susan bloom at the back gate.

Three different Rose of Sharon bushes add mid-summer color including this blue one, a single white and this lovely, soft pink one below.

The homeowner has a fondness for decorative metal containers which she fills with flowers and hangs on the house's soft grey siding. 

Above, the geranium basket sits overtop of a variegated euonymus bush that has been clipped into a whimsical heart shape. Below, a decorative key purchased for $2.50 hangs from a wire basket with a mix of colorful annuals. 

Sedum fills a pair of terra cotta shoes

I loved the way this sedum filled a crevice in an old stump.

Some of the many playful objects and vignettes that dot the garden.

Every year this Hibiscus makes the trip outdoors to spend the warm summer months in the garden. Now approximately twenty years old, this five foot topiary continues to produce exquisite peach colored blossoms each summer.

A small Chinese figure looks out from a decorative planter filled with sedum.


  1. Jennifer this is such a perfect garden which absolutely draws you in and makes you smile!
    I love the the use of the metal works and that table with chairs is wonderful : ) .. the whimsy pieces, especially that some what of a "Greenman" I would love to have and rustic keys to use as accent pieces what can I say other than another PERFECT ! I could spend a lot of time exploring every nook and cranny there : )

  2. This is a beautiful garden! I actually found your blog while driving by your home. I know your home well b/c of the extensive front garden. I live in Brampton. My hubby and I read through your entire blog and he's requested you continue with the history of your home! It's a fascinating story. Pop on by when you have the opportunity.

  3. So beautiful!! The house is gorgeous and the garden is a perfect addition. Everything is so charming, I especially like the little picket fence. Great post.

  4. What a beautiful garden beds and containers. So much to offer in the beds. I love all of the whimsy like the tree stump.The containers on the porch just draws your eye into the porch. Lovely!

  5. hermosas imagenes!! Muy bello jardín y buenas ideas!!


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