Friday, September 10, 2010

The Deep Burgundy Colors of Early Fall

 One day in late August, a rain shower had kept us indoors for most of the afternoon. After being house bound until 4 o'clock, we headed out in the cool of the early evening to walk with the dogs.  We were passing by a neighbor's garden, when we noticed this blood red hollyhock weighed down with raindrops. It was so pretty that we had to stop and take some pictures.

On the left, the pinwheel shape of the unopened flower and on the right, a view into the dark depths of rich burgundy reveal a delicate cream center. 

The flower revealed, shining and translucent in the late day light.

Dragons Blood Sedum (above) burgundy accents the outer edge of the leaves.

Our early evening walk got me noticing other wonderful burgundies in other plants which come into their own in the late summer and early fall. 

Humber Nursery, Toronto

Here the burgundy stems hoist pale pink flower heads skyward on this Sedum Matrona. 

Planter Humber Nursery, Toronto

Red Fountain Grass shoots like fireworks out of this fall container. I love the way the burgundy colored fountain grass mixes with the crinkled edge of a purple ornamental cabbage and the rivers of yellow leaves in this container planting.

And some of the most stunning burgundies in fall are reserved for dahlias flowers.

I could not resist this heuchera, when I saw it on a recent visit to Humber Nursery. The variety is called "Purple Petticoats".

I end with the burnt burgundy of a maple leaf shot through with an electric jolt of bright red.


  1. Those rich burgundies are just beautiful, especially that hollyhock!

  2. Jennifer, I love burgundy, the best part of fall for me is all those rich colours, not much of a yellow fan, it seems like there is so much of it as this time of year.

  3. Great blog name. I also garden with three dogs (one of which is a brown Sheltie). Your photos are gorgeous.

  4. Such gorgeous fall shades, your dark purples are stunning!


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