Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Floral Tins

I did not set out to collect vintage tins, but I love floral patterns and collectible tins kept catching my eye at flea markets. They were so pretty and so cheap, that before I knew it I had a small collection!

Always looking for new ways to display flowers, I recently started putting my vintage tin cans to good use. 

Old tin cans are not watertight, so I insert a large, wide-mouth drinking glass or small glass vase to hold the water. (Tip: Find inexpensive glass vases at your local discount or "dollar" store.)

 Use the height of the tin to help you gage the proper length for each of the flower stems.

Let the colors of the tin's decoration suggest the flower colors.

This tin cost me a whole $3. Doesn't it look pretty filled with daffodils and pansies! 

 Quince in a red floral tin.

The April issue of Country Living Magazine (as seen above) has, as part of their "A fresh take on florals" feature, a beautiful photograph of modern floral tins. 

Final Photo Credit: Country Living Magazine, April 2010. Photographer: Ericka McConnell Styling by: Sunday Hendrickson

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