Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flirty Songbirds and Ruffled Clementines

Columbines are short lived perennials in my garden, that self-seed and pop up in unexpected places. Sadly in the last few years, their numbers have dwindled.

Last summer, I was so taken with the delicate beauty of the native Columbine blooming in my backyard, that I vowed to add a few of the newer varieties to my garden this spring.  I went shopping this weekend, hoping that one might catch my eye. 

Songbird "Robin"(Aquilegia)

Songbird  "Robin" (Aquilegia)  with Goat's Beard in the background

Songbird "Dove" (Aquilegia) 

Songbird "Cardinal" (Aquilegia) 

Clementine "Blue" (Aquilegia)

Clementine "Rose" (Aquilegia)

They were all so very lovely, that I wanted more plants than my limited budget would allow. In the end, I decided the most cost effective to re-introduce a variety of Columbines into my garden was a packet of mixed seeds and so, that is just what I bought.


  1. columbines are really lovely. I've been growing a native columbine and after two years of letting it bloom and self seed it's really starting to take off.

  2. Wow, they are all gorgeous, I don't think that I could pick either.


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