Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Projects: Our Son’s Room

To start, we decided to get the bedrooms move in ready. A week or two and the work would be done...or so we figured!

We began with our son’s room. My husband, Harold and our son Daniel spent days trying to remove the thick layer of stucco that covered the walls. After days of slow, meager progress, they gave up and stripped the walls back to the studs. This allowed us to not only fix the walls but to improve the insulation, which was spotty at best. A project that was to take weeks turned into months....


  1. I also have a fixer upper, still have holes in the floors where the previous owner pulled out the rads and installed forced air. Good luck with your project.

  2. Good luck with your project. When remodeling there is always things that you run into that you never dreamed about so everything just takes time.


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