Thursday, April 29, 2010

Building the Great Wall

Our first garden related project pains me with guilt, even to this day...

When we moved in, our yard and our neighbor’s yard were one large open space with a shared perennial bed that spread out from the central property line. The effect was breathtakingly expansive and lush.

The view from the house to the back of the yard.

We have three dogs however, and our neighbor has as many cats. Though our dogs are smart as dogs go, there was no way that they could ever understand an open yard with such a vague boundary between “cat” and “dog” territory.

If only it were true!

Our dogs chase anything that runs, including the neighbor's cats!

Meet "the Boys":

The Ringleader: Scrap

Troublemaker #2: Buddy

Don't let cute fool you. Troublemaker#3: Rusty
On hot days, they like to play in the sprinklers just like little kids!

After a few minor dog and cat skirmishes, we decided the "open concept" yard had to be sacrificed. They say that fences make good neighbors and so the fence building began.

Ian (my brother) helps Daniel (my son) dig one of the post holes.

It was an undertaking that took a number of weekends, but the end result was well worth the effort.

My husband created a mini-arbor at the gate to the backyard. A canopy of Silverlace vine now covers the arbor. (Silverlace tolerates shade and has a small, somewhat nondescript flower in late summer.)

Now the dogs can run free in the yard!


  1. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go backwards to see other posts .. I love your beautiful dogs ! Even though I am a cat woman ? we are a cat family ;-)
    I also had to chuckle that you have a brother named Ian .. my son is an "Ian" too ! We chose a Gaelic version of "John" since my husband's name is John.
    I love the arbor and the fencing and yes .. I understand the sacrifice of cutting the gardens for controlling the four footed canine gang , haha. It was the only thing to do .. BUT .. I have to get on my soap box now .. go figure ? I am a cat mom that does NOT believe in outdoor cats .. mine are indoor , completely indoor .. there are just too many dangers out there for cats .. so if we had been neighbors ? you would have no worries .. and I would get to play with your pups once in a while ? LOL

  2. P.S. I love the look of that arbor and wreath .. simply gorgeous in the winter : )


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