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New Introductions for 2021 from Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

New for 2021 Geum Tempo 'Rose'

The snow has almost melted and that has me dreaming up fresh plans for 2021. Here's a little inspiration that might help you get your own plant lists started:

New Plants for Shade Gardens 

Mixed in with all the green foliage of early spring, the golden leaves of my favourite Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart'  looks spectacular. Though it's a favourite, I have always felt that the pink, heart-shaped flowers clash a little with the golden-yellow foliage. I was really excited to see that there is a new improvement on 'Gold Heart'. 

Bleeding Heart, Dicentra 'Ruby Gold' is the first golden Dicentra spectabilis to have true red flowers. This is definitely one I'm adding to my spring wish list!

Bleeding Heart, Dicentra 'Ruby Gold' is a vigorous perennial that forms an arching clump of golden leaves. The flowers are brilliant red with a touch of orange. Average free-draining soil is all that's needed. Part-shade to full shade. Height: 26 inches, Spread: 36 inches. USDA Zones: 4-8.

Japanese Anemones start flowering in late summer/fall when many other perennials are finished for the season. Unfortunately, they are known to spread aggressively. The tall stems that support the pink or white flowers can also flop down. These issues make this next introduction appealing. 

According to Terra Nova's website, Anemone 'Satin Doll' "runs less than other varieties on the market". That would certainly be a nice improvement! With an abundance of caution, however, I would still interpret "runs less" as suggesting that you may still need to keep an eye on 'Satin Doll's wandering ways. This could be a simple matter of carefully considering where you plant it ('Satin Doll' does well in pots, so this might be one option).

As well as being less aggressive, this new anemone is a shorter plant with a high flower count.  It also blooms early and for an extended period. I have to admit, 'Satin Doll' is tempting.

Anemone 'Satin Doll' is a compact anemone that spreads less aggressively than other varieties. This perennial has a mounded shape and glossy leaves. It blooms earlier than older varieties and for a longer period. Average to moist, well-drained soil is best. Sun to part-shade. Height: inches, Spread: 17 inches. USDA Zones: 4-9.

Brunnera is a fantastic perennial for shade. The great advantage of the newly introduced 'Alexandria' is its vigour and its large silver leaves. Certainly, the metallic appearance of the leaves would contrast nicely with hosta and other shade-loving perennials. 

Brunnera 'Alexandria' is an improvement on 'Alexander's Great' that has silver-green foliage. Part-shade to full shade. In spring this perennial has a profusion of tiny blue flowers that resemble forget-me-nots. Well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter and evenly moist are ideal conditions for this perennialHeight: 14 inches, Spread: 30 inches. USDA Zones: 4-9. 

This post is likely to get very long if I go into every plant's details, so I will simply mention that there are a number of new Hellebores to watch for this spring including the three shown here: Helleborus North Star 'Plum', Helleborus North Star 'Crystalline' and Helleborus North Star 'Garnet Falls'.

Older Introductions for Shade that also caught my eye:

I always like to include some older introductions in with the new ones. Often they are easier to find and continue to make great additions to any garden.

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while may remember that Thalictrum 'Nimbus Cloud' made it onto my wish list last year. Though are happiest in moist, rich soil, I find that Thalictrum are great plants for dry, free-draining soil in part-shade. This spring I'd love to get my hands on Thalictrum 'Black Stockings' for its sexy, dark stems. 

Thalictrum 'Black Stockings' has delicate lavender-pink flowers and lacy, fern-like foliage (Note: may not bloom until its second year). This perennial prefers moist, rich, free-draining soil.  Sun to part-shade ( if in sun, I'd suggest moist, well-drained conditions). Height: 48 inches, Spread: 24 inches. USDA Zones: 5-9.

Actea (previously known as Cimicifuga) is a must-have plant for moist, part-shade. If you don't have this plant yet, you might want to consider Actea 'Black Negligee'. It has more vigour than many other dark varieties of Actea. 

Actea 'Black Negligee' has lacy black foliage and dark stems. The bottlebrush-shaped, white flowers that appear in late summer/fall have a wonderful spicy perfume. Grow this perennial in moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Sun to part-shade (if in sun, I'd suggest that moist, well-drained conditions are a must. Too much shade may lead to lighter, greener foliage). Height: 48 inches, Spread: 24 inches. USDA Zones: 5-9.

Terra Nurseries, Inc. has a really nice collection of compact (miniature), evergreen Heuchera. I could imagine these Heuchera being used in mixed containers, rock gardens or massed with ferns or hosta.

Heuchera Little Cuties 'Sweet Tart' (on the right) forms a tight mound of lime-colored foliage. The flowers are pink on dark stems. Part to full shade. Height: 5 inches, Spread: 8 inches. USDA zones: 4-9. 

Heuchera Little Cuties 'Frost' silvery leaves with dark burgundy veins. As the season progresses the foliage takes on a slight violet cast. The flowers are light pink. Full sun, Part to full shade. Height: 6 inches, Spread: 8 inches. USDA zones: 4-9. 

New Perennials for Sun

There always seem to be a few new Echinacea every year. I've picked a couple, but there are four more new introductions: Echinacea 'Giddy Pink', Echinacea 'Moab Sunset', Echinacea 'Dark Shadows Wicked' and Sunny Days 'Ruby'.

Echinacea Sunny Days 'Lemon' produces an exceptional number of yellow blooms. This is a medium height Echinacea with emerald green foliage on an upright plant. Lightly fragrant. Average garden soil works for this plant. Full sun Height: 22 inches, Spread: 30 inches. USDA Zones: 4-9.

Echinacea Prima 'Saffron' has saffron-colored blooms on a short, compact plant. Average garden soil works for this plant. Full sun Height: 12 inches, Spread: 20 inches. USDA Zones: 4-9.

Leucanthemum 'Mt. Hood' has a mounding habit and lots of flowers. Each new layer of flowers covers the previous bloom cycle.  Average, well-drained soil works perfectly. Full sun. Height: 16 inches, Spread: 16 inches. USDA Zones: 4-10. 

I have a very plain Shasta Daisy in my garden and I have to say I am not a big fan. It looks fresh when it is in full flower, but when the blooms wither and turn brown, this old-fashioned Shasta Daisy does not make a pretty picture. Could it be time for an upgrade? Yes indeed!

I like the fact that Leucanthemum 'Mt. Hood' offers great vigour and a strong rebloom. Each new layer of flowers covers the previous bloom cycle. Bonus!

Annuals- Both New and older Introductions

In terms of new annuals, Coleus and Begonias seem to be the focus for Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.  I do well with Begonias both in the garden and inside the house. I am always looking for a new one to add to my collection. This older introduction is just one of the many to choose from.

Begonia Holiday 'Snowflake' gets its name from its snowflake-shaped leaves. This is a mounding plant with foliage that is shiny, sterling silver with a mint green centre. I love the look of the branching that carries the salmon-pink flowers. Full shade. Height: 17 inches, Spread: 15 inches

Do you like the Begonias with foliage that swirls inward? They're certainly unique. My personal weakness is begonias with metallic leaves.

Coleus Nova 'Roly-Poly' has a compact mounding habit and teardrop-shaped leaves that are red with lime green edges. Part-shade to full shade. Height: 12 inches, Spread: 12 inches

There has been so much interest in breeding new forms and colors of Coleus.  Coleus Nova 'Roly-Poly' is new for 2021. 

More posts about new plants coming shortly!

A word about Terra Nova® Nurseries. They use tissue culture to propagate and grow both annuals and perennials.  Based in Canby Oregon, they have introduced over a thousand new plants to market.

As a wholesale propagation nursery, Terra Nova does not sell directly to the public. On their website, they have a handy page that will help you locate a retailer in your state or province that sells their plants (Sadly for Canadians on the East Coast and in Saskatchewan, Terra Nova is underrepresented).

Photos in this post are courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.


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