Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Dive into the Deep End

We are heading into the hottest part of summer, and a time when having a backyard pool is a fabulous luxury, a dip in the pool can keep you cool and refreshed for hours.

But swimming pools are big and they're often bright blue. It can be a challenge to incorporate them into a garden tastefully. In this post, I take a look at some of the many ways a pool has been integrated nicely into a backyard space.

Here the walk from the back door to the pool is a beautiful one. The plantings are tidy, somewhat formal and fairly low maintenance.

A series of waterfalls into the pool add the relaxing ambience of splashing water.

A pergola shades a poolside table and there is even a fireplace for chilly evenings.

Lovely hardscaping make this pool one of my favourite examples.

There is even a leafy bit of poolside shade.

If you won the lottery, a pool with a series of cascading waterfalls might be just the ticket!

This pool even has a slide, pergola and jet streams of water.

A backyard spa seems an apt description.

Sometimes simple is more realistic and just as pleasing. I like the repetition of the lanterns along the length of the pool and the hydrangeas look soft and billowy on the water's edge.

Repetition is used again here. Each sunbather gets their very own container planting. The broad steps that lead into the pool allow for a siren's gracefully decent into the cool blue water.

Here an elaborate archway separates the pool from the rest of the garden.

A poolside pergola shades the seating area that's perfect for entertaining.

A formal boxwood hedge keeps the garden neat and contained.

The next pool is a country one. Large trees provide shelter and privacy.

The decking is informal flagstone with an array of groundcovers filling in the cracks and crevices. These are plants that can take the heat of the sun and lack of water. The contrast of the neutral stone and the palette of grey-green, red and gold is striking.

Sedum Dragon's blood on the left and Donkey Tail, Creeping Spurge and Sedum 
rupestre 'Angelina' on the right.

I hope you have enjoyed this little dive into the deep end of backyard pools.

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  1. Love to see the landscaped yards around the pools. refreshing..

  2. Proof positive that a pool does not have to "mess" with your landscaping.
    These are some truly beautifully designed pools and landscapes, Jennifer!

  3. each one is beautiful and so appealing. That first one would likely be my favourite.

  4. Nice post. Finding the materials for the perfect landscape is so hard! Your photos make it seem like it comes so naturally! I love the idea of putting a hammock over the flower beds.


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