Monday, March 21, 2016

A Secret Pond & Waterfall

What makes something special is not always discernible at a quick glance. 
Often it is a feature that discreetly awaits discovery.

This is a nice suburban garden with tidy flowerbeds and wonderful mature trees. The front of the property sits level with the street and the backyard rolls away from the house into to a long, green lawn.

Taking full advantage of the change in elevation, the homeowners have constructed a generous deck 
that overlooks the garden. An attractive screen gives the deck a bit of privacy. 

But what is especially nice about this garden lies partially hidden waiting for the visitor to stumble upon it.  

At the foot of the stone stairway that leads down from the deck, there is a 
charming pond and waterfall.

A pair of Japanese Maples and a Weeping Norway Spruce cascade down over a dark pool of water. 

Picea abies 'Pendula' is a weeping form of Norway Spruce. If staked and supported, it can grow into a 10-15' tree. Plant it in average soil and moisture conditions. Full sun. A Weeping Norway Spruce does best in colder climates and will not do well south of USDA Zone 7. 

Resting on a bed of soft pine needles, a meditation Buddha sits with its legs crossed in a single Lotus position. 

A symbol of peace and calm, the Buddha's eyes are closed. Its thumbs and the finger tips touch forming an oval symbolizing the turning of attention inward.

What an enchanting feature for the garden visitor to come upon!


  1. Beautiful garden, I like the stairs with the weeping Abies over the waterfall. Although I don't like the hipe of Buddhas in gardens nowadays, the one in this garden is the right one on the right spot.

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring garden!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  3. A koi pond is on my wish list. It would be so much fun for the kids to feed the fish. This garden is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful and peaceful. I have the room for this, but I also have racoons, possums,hawks and coyotes. Somehow I don't think the coy would make it and it definitely would not be peaceful. I'll just have to enjoy the view from your end.

  5. How beautiful. We had ponds at our last house an are trying to figure out how to manage to put a pond in our village garden.

  6. So gorgeous! I'd love a water feature. Sigh...

  7. Absolutely wonderful - I hope to restore the pond in my garden and grow water lilies there eventually.

  8. Water does bring another element into the garden and they are the best addition if you want to attract wildlife into your garden.

  9. Absolutely beautiful garden and I love the meditation statue. Water is always so calming in a garden.

  10. What a gorgeous garden! I love the weeping Norway Spruce. I wish I could grow them but its too warm in Georgia and they would not be happy. It is a stunning combination with the Japanese Maples. I could sit there for a long while.

  11. Just beautiful! I love the weeping spruce, too, and I don't usually like weeping trees, except for willows. I like how natural the pond looks. So many have a such a fake, prefab look to them.

  12. I really like the use of evergreens in this garden. So many different colors and textures. The tree in the second picture is really beautiful. I feel like I should know what it is!

  13. Enchanting indeed!What a beautifully designed pond and such lovely planting. A real gem, this one, I did enjoy

  14. Does anyone know what variety of water lily is shown? Looks almost like a cabbage rose. I would love to add that to our koi pond.

    1. I think you are asking about the Water Lettuce, Pistia Stratiotes. One word of warning about this plant: it can be invasive and is considered a problem plant. Here is a website link that tells you a bit more about this plant and associated problems:

  15. Jennifer girl you have made me fall totally in love with this secret waterfall.
    I love the plants .. it is perfection especially with the meditation Buddha ..
    When we win the lottery I am using this as a template to what I want (LOL)
    I love that weeping spruce and all of the special plants but I think i would have to add some ferns (I am a fernatic ? haha) .. How could you not find a peaceful moment here .. I would never want to leave.
    Gorgeous !!
    Joy : )

  16. How pretty! What a cool spot to reflect on a hot summer day!


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