Monday, October 5, 2015

Spring Bulbs: Ideas Inspired by the TBG's Spring Planting

We are nearing the end of the gardening season and it's time to think about spring bulbs. Here are a few ideas inspired by plantings at the Toronto Botanical Garden last spring.

Idea: Create an understory by layering a shorter narcissus or daffodil under a taller tulip.

Idea: Stick with a single color and vary the type of bulb.

Idea: Extend your spring display with Alliums that bloom after tulips and daffodils 
have packed it in.

Camassia bloom at the same time as Alliums. They tolerate moist or dry soil conditions and naturalize easily. Camassia is a great option for a wooded or grassy area. Deer do not like them!

Idea: Look beyond the imports and plant a bulb native to North America: Camassia. 

Idea: Plant bulbs in blocks of color. This might look great along on a pathway or at the entrance to your house. 

Idea: If it's drama you're after, there is nothing like the bold mix of red & white and red yellow.

 Idea: Don't get so wrapped up in color choice that you forget to think about form. 

There are tulips with fringed petals, double tulips and parrots tulips to consider. Look for daffodils and Narcissus with double or ruffled trumpets.

Idea: Emerging spring foliage will often form the backdrop for bulbs. Consider the planting area's foliage and chose a bulb color that will compliment it.

I hope this post has given you a few planting ideas for your spring bulbs!


  1. Always nice to see these beautiful flowers !!
    Lovely pictures ! Greetings !

  2. We are of like minds...I love bulbs even thought my use is limited to those that don't need a winter chill. I started planting mine this past week...and today I picked up a few dozen more including white Freesias, and more Daffodils. Can't have enough daffodils. (-:

  3. I'm already dreaming of spring!!

  4. Hi from South Australia. It's always nice to see beautiful Spring flowering bulbs..... the Daffodils,Freesias, Tulips and the Alliums. Gorgeous pictures,thank you for sharing.

  5. Jennifer, I liked you advice to 'stick with a single color and vary the type of bulb'. And I also think that I need to plant tulips of one color together, it looks better.

  6. Hello Jennifer girl ! ... these are such gorgeous pictures and truly illustrate what Spring is so about : )
    I am so hoping that the seeds you sent of of the allium will show up next Spring along with some large allium bulbs I am supposed to get in that general direction as well .. the allium bug has hit me this year after that crazy Schubertii type I fell in love with.
    Lets hope October will be kind to us and we have the time to get some of our wish list? done ! LOL
    Take care girl !

  7. I read that there is an allium for all times of the garden season, not just Spring. They are so pretty and I like that they are also deer resistant. I'm planting all white daffodils this year and if all goes well, it should look really nice.

  8. Oh....this is so inspiring, especially at this time of the year! The sight of all those bulbs has given me hope, for now the nights are drawing in, and the blooms are fading!xxx

  9. Darn! I've already placed my bulb orders, and you've reminded me that I wanted to order more camassia this year. I usually get a little carried away ordering tulips because I love them so, but this year I knew I wouldn't have as much time to plant so I tried not to order too many, which was hard. I'm planting more daffodils, though, after the deer discovered my tulips last year:)

  10. Jennifer, we have just removed the Summer bedding and have planted up for Spring. I like the idea of Alliums for extending into that period when not so much is in bloom.

  11. This makes me long for spring!!!

  12. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for coming by & leaving me a comment. I've been horrible at blog visiting, so sorry. Hope you've had a good summer & gardening season? You always have so much good stuff on your blog, I'm sure I've missed a lot. I love the little bird & nest under cloche in your hydrangea drying post. I also am second guessing my decision not to plant any spring blooming bulbs this fall after looking at these pics. Maybe I'll break down & get just a "few!"


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