Saturday, May 2, 2015

Make your own Custom Postage Stamp!

My son Daniel was born with such fine blond hair that his round little head looked almost as smooth as a bowling ball. His hazel eyes twinkled and his smiled up at me as sweetly as a cherub, as I stood over him one morning to take his picture.

He may have looked like an angel lying there on his baby blanket, but boy did that child have a set of pipes! I am sure the neighbours two doors down could hear him cry when he was hungry or unhappy.

Those early photographs, taking with the most basic of Kodak cameras, were often blurry with truly heinous lighting, but they hold the key to such precious memories the skill of the photographer matters not at all.

These days there are so many new and creative things you can do with your personal photographs.

Modern printers and printing methods have made small print runs feasible. As a result a whole new service industry has emerged that is willing to take your pictures and make something fun and unique with them.

For instance: Did you know that you can take your own photographs and make a custom postage stamp?  As it happens, Canada Post offers just such a service! (American readers will be glad to hear that the USPS has a similar service offering custom stamps.) 

What a fun idea, I thought to myself! I want to try it.

The Canada Post website makes the process very straightforward. If you can upload a picture from your computer, you can do this. Honestly, the hardiest part for me was narrowing it down to a couple of images I wanted to use.

For my first design, I selected the foxglove image above.

First you have to choose an orientation (portrait or landscape) for your stamp and then a decorative frame for the image. Because my photograph was busy, I selected a portrait orientation and a fairly plain frame.

Before I knew it, my booklets of 12 stamps arrived in the mail.

I was worried that I chosen too busy a picture, but my first stamp design turned out to be quite pretty.

I know some of you might think that your photographs aren't nice enough for a stamp, but I doubt that's the case. And at any rate, I don't think it truly matters in the grand scheme of things. As with my son's baby pictures, I think that personal meaning trumps quality hands down.

Not done playing, I had to do a second stamp. 

I figured it was only fitting to make a "Three Dogs in a Garden" stamp. Again I went with a portrait layout, but this time, I used a frame that incorporated a few maple leaves.

And here is the final product. 

Now of course there is a cost involved. 

And unless you are very well-off, it is unlikely you are going to make your own stamps just to mail the payment for your household electric bill (that is, if you even use traditional methods to pay bills these days).

This is a pleasant little indulgence meant for special correspondence. I could see using a custom stamp to send off thank you cards after a wedding, to send birthday party or shower invitations or to give a birth announcement that extra special touch. 

Like an image on a coin, there is a certain honour associated with having a picture on a stamp, so this might be a great way to recognize someone who is having a milestone birthday. It might also be a nice way to dress-up a party invitations celebrating a silver or gold wedding anniversary. Ways to use your custom stamp is limited only by your imagination.

And of course you can always do something fun like putting a picture 
of your dog on a postage stamp.

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: This post was entirely my own idea. When I discovered this service was available, I approached Canada Post and asked them if they would be willing to create a couple of sample stamps for the purposes of this post and they kindly agreed. I have received no other compensation from Canada Post. 

More information and Links: 

Create an online order for a personalized stamp with Canada Post.  The approximate price per booklet is $17.04* Canadian, stamps for mail to the US: $20.88*, stamps for mail to International destinations $ 36.48* (min. order is 3 booklets). Please see the Canada Post website for further details. 
Canada Post can also create greeting cards, postcards and invitations.
* plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling

American readers will be glad to hear that the USPS has a similar service offering custom stamps. 


  1. Wow, that's nice! First flowerstamp is so beautiful. I just go and find out if that's also possible here in Europe, may be. I really should like to have stamps of my dog Snarf.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. I think that is an absolutely brilliant idea and I really love your stamps, the floral and the three dogs are charming. I would love to do this too! Your little angel Daniel is adorable, I had the urge to gently pinch his little cheeks!xxx

  3. And as I'm reading here jealously wishing I lived in Canada, I have discovered Australia Post also offer the same! Whoo Hoo, now I just need a special occasion...
    Thank you for the great idea!
    Wren x

    1. Thanks for letting us know that readers in Australia have a similar service to the one offered by Canada Post.

  4. What a cool idea! I think it would motivate me to write more correspondence and send them snail mail or make to send out with Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fantastic idea and I love the picture you chose to use... both in fact.

  6. I'm not sure your son would like to be called an 'angle' but I know what you mean! I think the stamp thing is a wonderful idea and love the photos that you chose. I am sure you can't get this service here in the UK which is a downright shame even though it is quite costly. Have a good week my friend.

    1. Opps I ment to say he "looked like an angel" with those round baby cheeks.

      By the way, he is 6'3" these days and long ago lost those chubby cheeks and round little head. He's all grown up, but in some respects he is still my baby.

  7. That is a great idea! Your stamps are fabulous. And the photo of your son is adorable!!

  8. I saw this a while back online, but oh you have made some beautiful to play and be creative.

  9. This is such a cool idea! I love how yours turned out and like you would be fun to use these for special occasions! Have a great week Jennifer!!! Thank you for passing this along! Nicole xo

  10. You chose a lovely photo for your stamps. I've seen them advertised here in the US but I believe they are pricey. I would be fun to make a few for Christmas cards.

  11. What a terrific way to announce a baby, for a wedding invitation or even to celebrate a milestone like a move to a new house. Imagine putting a picture of your new home on a stamp to send out invitations to a housewarming.

  12. Your stamps are gorgeous! I love all of the designs...and the foxglove...oh my heart sings over that one. I keep forgetting that they are available, and you know while they might not be inexpensive...they are worth it for special occasions, or gifts.


  13. What a great idea ...

    Photo's are so important through the years - I just love the picture of your son, special memories.

    Hope you are having a good week.

    All the best Jan

  14. I think it is amazing what we can do with our photos now. Your stamps are so pretty! I think these would be a really great gift when combined with a stationary set.

  15. The world we now live in never ceases to amaze me.

  16. What a fun idea. I love that first photo you used.

  17. All your stamp designs are very beautiful, but the dog stamp was a favorite of mine. I think the personal stamps are the best kind. The US postal service takes submissions and your foxglove stamp is typical of the type of designs they accept. They do birds too, but I never sent any in but may sometime.

  18. These are just wonderful, Jennifer!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Off to make some of my own. :-)


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