Friday, March 6, 2015

A few Ideas for Small Vegetable & Herb Gardens

Private Garden, Toronto, ON

One thing you'll notice about both the gardens in my post today is the fact they are located right outside the back door. 

There is nothing more fresh than herbs and vegetables that are steps from the kitchen!

The use of stone pavers in this herb garden are not only decorative, they also provide an easy way to step in amongst the plants and harvest a few herbs.

Growing herbs in containers on your porch is another means to a convenient harvest. Pots are also a great way to control plants like mint and oregano that can be invasive.

Herbs like these garlic chives can add a nice ornamental touch to any garden. 

Easy to grow, the only challenge they present is remembering to deadhead the flowers before they self-seed a million baby chives.

A small, hillside property did not deter these veggie gardeners. 

They terraced the slope and added a hedge along the front for privacy. An arbor makes a charming entrance to an to a small courtyard with raised vegetable and flower beds.

Keeping Nasturtiums well-watered helps make their peppery leaves and flowers less spicy.

Growing vegetables vertically is a great idea when you have only a small space to work with. It doesn't have to be fancy- these simple bamboo poles lashed together make a wonderful plant support.

This table and chairs is the perfect spot for a break from weeding and a morning coffee.

Keeping the garden colorful are an assortment of annuals and the nasturtiums you see in the foreground. In the background, there petunias and phlox in raised beds.

I was quite impressed by the variety of produce even this modest space could produce. There was everything from carrots to kale to grapes.

I hope this post has inspired your spring vegetable garden plans.


  1. Both of these gardens are just lovely and I love the addition of flowers to vegetables beds.Thank you for the advice on the nasturtiums. I'm going to plant quite a few of them here.

  2. I love this idea. I have recently planted some herbs, lettuces and strawberries near my back door, I have a designated garden are in the far back but as you say here it is so much more convenient to have things close at hand. These photos are all lovely and full of ideas. Thank you!

  3. It's a perfect idea, Jennifer, love this raised bed, stony edges and flowers. I have a small veggies spot too and I think raised beds (I have wooden ones) are very suitable to my garden.

  4. YEP! It was like you were inside my head! This gave me some ideas for my little space come spring! i just loved how the veggies meshed in with the rest of the garden! STUNNING!!! So very inspiring Jennifer! Have a great weekend friend! Nicole xo

  5. Both appealing gardens (of course the quality of the photos is half of the appeal).

  6. Beautiful gardens....I especially love the nasturtiums and how they brighten up the veg garden.

  7. That garden in Dartmouth is amazing. I wish my veggie garden was so close to my door. They make me feel a bit ashamed actually, I have a ton of space but I'm not nearly so efficient with my organization.

  8. What a lovely post, it just goes to show that with a little imagination tiny spaces can be incredibly productive. I lave growing herbs and veggies, you just can't beat them picked fresh and eaten straight

  9. Lovely post and I agree "there is nothing more fresh than herbs and vegetables that are steps from the kitchen!". Many friends I know also grow herbs in pots on their windowsills.

    Some lovely pictures, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  10. When I dream of small spaces and gardens I dream of hyacinth beans, and old bricks...that is so lovely.


  11. Beside the kitchen door is where a vegetable garden should be. Unfortunately, mine is not so close. That is why I just bought a vegetable trug to put nearer the house. Both these gardens are fabulous! P. x

  12. I'm only growing sweet potatoes and carrots this year after kicking out my tomatoes. But I do grow several herbs and have garlic chives, although I can't remember where I transplanted them. Oops... These mixed veggie/flower gardens are so pretty. :o)

  13. Like Pam, I agree kitchen gardens should be close to the kitchen. You have beautiful examples, and I really love that first garden design. The one in Dartmouth is really great too. Having a small space myself, I always appreciate seeing great design.

  14. That's a really pretty garden Jennifer. Isn't nice to have a day when we can almost thaw out!

  15. So beautiful! Thank you for all the fabulous ideas. I need to do something with the hottest part of my yard and I love the idea of a raised herb/kitchen garden!

  16. Your photos are great examples that vegetable gardens can be beautiful as well as ornamental! Nasturtiums are one of my favorites, and last year I planted them in the veggie garden instead of containers--they did so well there, they're going to be staples in the veggie garden.


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