Friday, July 25, 2014

My Favourite Day of the Week

Do you have a favourite day of the week? For me it's Saturday. 

Weekends always feel like bit like a mini-vacation that begins with a leisurely breakfast, hot coffee and the weekend paper. Even if the day involves the odd chore and errands like shopping, Saturday is always a nice break from the weekday routines.

In the summer, Saturday is Market Day. The Brampton Farmer's Market is more popular than ever. 

The whole family comes out to shop for fresh, local fruit, vegetables and flowers. 

There are always babies in strollers, kids with balloons and dogs on a leash. 
Music and delicious smells in the air.

Last Saturday there was sweet corn by the bagful. 

Later that evening had corn-on-the-cob for our dinner. Slathered in butter and sprinkled with fresh pepper, it was the perfect summer indulgence.

We're at the end of this year's cherries, but that only means that 
there will be peaches for sure this coming Saturday.

Beans and peas are my favourite mid-summer vegetables. 

Not all the peas make it home. They're so good we eat them like candy.

One of these days I must try making my own pickles!

As well as food there is always some form of entertainment at the Market. This fellow in a Mod 70's costume was selling tea. 

Not sure what the connection is between that era and tea, but he sure seemed to be having fun.

These musicians were playing a couple of instruments at one time.

Best moment of the morning: this little guy dancing and playing along on a tambourine. We adults so rarely relax and enjoy music so freely.

Seems even dogs like the Blues.

Free samples? Yes, please!

So many flowers! Which to choose?

I decided to buy one of the Mason jars filled with flowers.

It doesn't take long before your get loaded down with grocery bags. 
Smart shoppers bring some sort of shopping buggy.

Even the weather cooperated and the rain held off until everyone was packing up.

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and good food!


  1. I have not exactly a favourite day of the week, may be Sunday that starts with a long breakfast together and if no visits are planned, reading a book. What I definitely like to do is shopping on a farmer's market. Love the fresh biological food. You made a marvelous series of pictures of the market, I enjoyed it.

  2. We're so lucky that we can walk to our market in less than 10 minutes. Makes for a wonderful way to start the weekend. And we're surrounded by wonderful farmers who bring in their organic produce and flowers. Gotta love living in a small town in farm country.

  3. What a heavenly post, you have me wishing I was there with my dogs, listening to music and eating fresh peas....wonderful!xxx

  4. What a beautiful day you had and a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos.

  5. It looks like a very nice market. Everyone seems so relaxed!

  6. What a lovely market! That little guy is adorable! And that pug! Ha! He put a huge smile on my face! Happy Saturday and beautiful photos! Nicole xo

  7. Great photo s of the market jennifer. Muy computer broke down helas. Hope it will be fixed this week. Have a wonderful weekend

  8. That is a super farmers market, we have one just once a month, but no accompanying music unfortunately !

  9. Great photos. Saturday and Farmers Market day may well be my favorites too. All the delicious goodies make the entire weekend a buffet of snacking on tasty treats. Saturday and Sunday meals are always leisurely and filled with my recipe experiments, fresh veggies, and usually a fresh fruit desert. And you should make pickled, they're super easy!!!

  10. Sundays are my favourite - there is a special feel to it than the rest of the week. Although if I had that farmers market nearby it would change to Saturday - what a colourful and vibrant place, and I love the jars of flowers - enjoy your Saturday.

  11. I love weekends too. So much promise of what's to come. Sundays are my favourite though as we always have a big breakfast and spend the better part of the morning lounging around. Nothing says summer to me like farmers markets. Love that yours is out of doors. It looks like a bustling fun atmosphere there.

  12. Looks like you have a wonderful market to visit on Saturdays! For whatever poor planning reason, the market in our town is held on Friday, and not surprisingly, it's not very well attended. If it was Saturday, I'm sure business would improve. Love all the photos here and I felt like I was browsing all the stalls with you. Good choice on the mason jar posy ;) Saturdays are my favourite day of the week too. Thank you for you kind comments about my dad on my blog. It's funny how things change with your parents and suddenly it's us doing the worrying about them. I feel a shift with my own kids, and had to smile when my son offered me his hand to help me down a rocky ledge on our recent camping trip ... he's already aware of an ageing thing and making sure I can manage. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jennifer. Wendy x

  13. I'm with you - Saturdays at the Farmer's Market are a great way to end the week. I didn't know you could grow peaches in Canada. Isn't it too cold there?

    1. Some of the best peaches are grown in Penticton, British Columbia and in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

      As far as it being cold in Canada, Jim Carrey may make you laugh:

  14. Hmmmm, favorite day of the week...
    I am going to say that depending on what is going on, it could be Friday, but then again, it could be Monday. :-) Sometimes during the summer, especially this one, weekends are just so busy, and it feels real good when Monday comes around!

    I actually just made some pickles last week, and they are amazing. No boiling, heat sealing, etc. Zip me an email if you'd like the recipe, and I will gladly get it to you.

    Happy Sunday to you, Jennifer!!!

  15. I love the pictures of the Farmers Market. I enjoy visiting Farmers Markets when we go out of town- I think San Francisco's is my favorite thus far- it is quite an extravaganza there. Your photos look pretty close to there to me- the music, people, flowers, food etc… Ours here are nice, they just don't have much outside of veggies and fruit- which of course is great but I like all the other stuff too!!!!

  16. Jennifer girl : )
    You reminded me I should make an effort to get to our farmer's market here .. it seems those days are the ones I am working in the garden though ?
    What a great variety of pictures you took ... and I love the flowers in the mason jars ..
    I would have gotten one too!

  17. The market day - is funny day, I agree Jennifer. I'd love to!
    Cucumbers in baskets, corn in bags, music... It's pity I hadn't been there.

  18. I'm with you. I love Saturdays. The Dad is home to help wrangle kids so I can get uninterrupted work in the yard done. :) Plus, there's always a grocery trip stuck in there somewhere. Also my quite time away from the kids. My favorite is when we have plans on Friday evening. It makes the weekend seem longer!

  19. When I was very young, I liked Friday best of all, only because it was Saturday next day. Retirement changes everything, every day is a Saturday. Your market looks like a fun way to get some shopping in.

  20. That sounds a lovely way to spend a Saturday, it's my favourite day of the week too. Such a beautiful jar of flowers.

  21. Looks like a lovely way to spend a Saturday. The mason jar arrangements are quite a bargain and so beautiful!

  22. Lovely,lovely photos with so much color in them! :-)

  23. I head to a farmer's market every Sunday but yours looks a lot bigger. :o) I wish ours had music and cut flowers, too. Great way to spend the morning. :o)


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