Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Word Prompt

I came across this word prompt format for a blog post and thought I would put it to the test. So here goes:

wondering: how it is possible that I can be blinded by sunlight here at my computer desk and yet it is
-33 degrees Celsius (with the wind chill factored in).

drinking: too much coffee

loving: the pot of daffodils on my kitchen windowsill.

wishing: there were more hours in a day

reading: Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingslover. Technically speaking, I am listening to it. I got the audio book out from the library after reading Rose's review.

watching: oh, my goodness a real mixed bag of shows off the internet. Over the holidays and into the new year: Season 4 of Downton Abbey, the first season of Masters of Sex and the first two seasons of Homeland. 

Are you a Downton Abbey fan? I am. Sad to say, I found that this season of Downton Abbey to be my least favourite. The plot lines ramble in all directions and seem to go nowhere significant. I'd still sign up to watch season 5 though...

If you like Mad Men, you would probably like Masters of Sex. Set in the 1950's, this Showtime series fictionalizes the lives of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson who did pioneering research on the subject of human sexuality.

Homeland is an older television series that we missed initially (I think they are in Season 4 now). We went back to watch most of the first two seasons.  The show's premise in a sentence: "When Marine Nicolas Brody returns after eight years of captivity in Iraq, CIA operative Carrie Mathison is the only one who suspects he has been "turned"by the enemy." The television series centres around an ongoing threat to national security that I, as a Canadian, can't fully identify with, but every episode ends with a cliff hanger that keeps you hooked and watching. 

Will Brody get assassinated at the end of the second season? Don't tell me! We still have one more episode in season 2 to watch.

listening to: the CBC radio. We have great public radio here in Canada. I am embarrassed to admit that I have listened to this podcast interview with Fran Lebowitz at least 3 times. She is such an amazing character! I also really enjoyed this interview with Malcolm Gladwell author of the newly released book David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants

longing to: escape to somewhere warm... at least in the movies. Movies set in sunny Italy are my cure-all for the Canadian winter blues. A favourite? My House in Umbria with the superb Maggie Smith in the lead role. I love the big, white house, the walled garden and the golden hues that seem to pervade every scene. Oh to have an evening meal on a garden terrace just like the one in the film!

thinking: I should make some cookies.

needing: more exercise...hmm maybe I shouldn't make those cookies.

feeling: restless. Dare I brave a walk outside in the cold?


  1. I am "wondering" the exact same thing as you are, Jennifer, but this is the first sun we've seen here in almost 6 days, so I am trying to forget about how cold it is!

  2. Wow! It is cold by you too!! Wakes you right up when the cold wind hits your face...doesn't it?!? I really enjoyed this post! And I too was a bit disappointed with downton abbey..I feel the show has changed. And that book looks wonderful!!! I say make the cookies and save the walk for a warmer day!!! Happy day to u!!! Nicole

  3. I do love Downton Abbey, especially for the hairdo´s and the clothes! :-D


  4. Hi Jennifer
    The word prompt format was fun - I really enjoyed this post. It's freezing here too - am in the family room with the laptop because that's where our fireplace is!
    We watch al lot of the same shows: I love DA - have watched all the seasons - Maggie Smith is my favourite; Masters of Sex was great: terrific actors and actresses and a mix of drama and humour; I have watched all 3 seasons of Homeland. The first was the best, the second was very good. I'm still not sure about the third season. Let me know what you think. The plotlines really pushed the envelope. Now we are enjoying True Detective with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey on HBO. I look fwd to Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones and Mad Men which start in March and April.
    If you do decide to walk in this Polar Vortex air - watch your step: it's still pretty slippery out there!

  5. Very fun post today, Jennifer!! I miss Matthew so much from downton abbey but what is a show to do if an actor wants to move on? So yeah, it is a little weird now but I don't object to Mary's new suitor. I think it is odd that it is sunny and fifty degrees ( 10 degrees C, I think) and I feel like I ought to walk out and see flowers blooming but there is nothing. Hope you are having a great day!

  6. I'm crazy about Downton Abbey - this last season floundered (for me) until episode 5 and from episode 5 to the end, it was my fave of all the seasons. Can't wait til next season!

    I also love Suits. What a contrast! Have a great week xox

  7. Some good suggestions here. Not much into Downton Abby this season, it has become too much of a soap opera, but I am enjoying Sherlock. I love listening to books and always have one in the car. I like Barbara KIngsolver's work, I will have to look for this one. We have not had a winter here this year and we long for rain, how strange when it has been so cold everywhere else. Have a great day!

  8. Oh, Downton Abbey, a favorite here, love Maggie Smith, all those comments of hers are hilarious. You've given me more entertainment options to look into, we're still waiting for the last episodes of 'Breaking Bad' to air. I should do some baking, too. It warms the house up nicely and smells so good; I just have to give all the goodies away to our sons when they visit.

  9. Hello Jennifer girl ! I am in love with that beautiful garden picture with the technique of the overlay .. now that is totally gorgeous and should be framed and hung some where on a wall where the sun plays : )
    I don't know where to go to find that word prompt but it sounds interesting!
    I am a fan of Fran Lebowitz too! .. ever since I watched a documentary on her she grabbed my attention .. love her outlook on life and her biting wit/sarcasm !
    The shows I watch .. funny enough not one that you mentioned which is unusual because normally Downton Abby would be one that I would watch .. "Call the Midwife" I am a huge fan of .. Coronation St. of course .. a bit of a pattern there .. then I switch to the ridiculous .. scifi and slightly horror "The Originals" .. The Walking Dead .. American Gothic (a little too horror but some had my attention) .. too bad there isn't a decent Canadian garden show eh ?
    I better get going .. even in this bitter cold we have to go get some groceries ! EEKKKKKKK!!
    Joy : )

  10. Hi, Jennifer!
    I see you are very busy watching TV because of very cold weather. We have -9..-11 C and enjoy sunny winter. I love 'White collar' , 'Gardener's world' and "Arrow'. I've seen Downton Abby 1 season only, wait for 2nd season translation now.
    Have a nice week!

  11. I must admit 'Downton' is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I think that the plot lines get flimsier with each passing series ! can't seem to stop watching it though! Roll on Spring...

  12. Oh that wind chill. Same in the Falls too, just have to dress like a polar bear to get through it. I like the word prompt. It gives variety and a peek into your life. I am not much on watching TV but have heard so much fan fever on Downton Abbey, yet have no clue what it is about. Maybe I should watch before it it gone like Breaking Bad. I watched a few months before that show was off the air and loved it.

  13. Nothing like British tv in the dead of winter! Even in North Carolina, I am hunkering down and just waiting for spring. Of course, mine will come a bit sooner than yours... My tulips and crocuses have already started coming up.

  14. It is cold here too! I feel like I'm in the minority in this regard but I have not been able to get into Downton Abbey.

  15. Glad you are enjoying "Flight Behavior", and thanks for the link love! I do like the new book jacket illustration so much better than the one on earlier editions. I'm a big fan of "Downton Abbey," too, and got my husband hooked on last summer when we rented the first three seasons. I don't like the new story line with Anna--I hope that gets resolved soon. And I hope they don't kill off any more characters this season!

  16. I love this post, even though I haven't read the book. Make the cookies. :o)


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