Friday, August 16, 2013

The Garden Mid-August

Daylily, 'Evening Gown'

My garden is one of brilliant sun and pockets of the darkest shade. 

Phlox Paniculata, 'Laura' and Phlox Paniculata 'Eva Cullum'

Phlox Paniculata, 'Laura' and Phlox Paniculata 'Eva Cullum'

Bright Orange Tiger Lilies,  Pink Echinacea, and Yellow Rudbeckia

Orange Helenium autumnale 'Moerheim Beauty'

Fence painting is definitely on the agenda but may not get done until next spring!

Oriental Lily

'Pee Gee' Hydrangea Standard

 Orange Helenium autumnale 'Moerheim Beauty' and Phlox Paniculata, 'Laura'

Just call me the Queen of Cute. The bird hanger is from Walmart (it was black before I painted it) 
and I got the tiny birdhouse at Michaels.

As you enter the back gate you move into shade. Out of the glare of the sun, the temperature drops and the street noises fade. Just inside the gate there is the trickling of the fountain and the cluster of plants in pots I have yet to find a home for. So many things still to do before fall!

Proven Winners Hydrangea 'Quick Fire'

Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium dubium' Little Joe'

At the moment, my favourite plant in the back garden has to be this shorter variety of Joe Pye Weed. I love the way it stretches toward the sun. 

The bees however, aren't as fond of 'Little Joe' as they are of the blue Agastache next door. I watched with admiration as this determined bee struggled to scramble over the uneven surface of the pink flowers.

At the moment, Agastache, 'Blue Fortune' has more bees per square inch than any other flower.

Astilbe- Not sure of the variety

Butterfly Bush, Buddleia, 'Miss Ruby'

 The Milkweed finished flowering and now long, finger-like seedpods have emerged.

Dwarf Hydrangea 'Little Lime' and dark purple Coleus 'Vino'

Another favourite. The dark coleus contrasts beautifully with the light white 
flowers of this dwarf hydrangea.

Phlox paniculata, 'David's Lavender' has a sweet scent.

This will be one of the final weekends of summer. Enjoy!

I am going to link to May Dreams Gardens Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. To see other 
beautiful gardens, please click the link.


  1. Every time I visit your blog, every photo is so beautiful! Your garden is spectacular this summer. I love the blue clematis and the hydrangeas.

  2. Jennifer, great photos!
    Especially I love the second one, the phlox is stunning.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I just sit back and smile as I go through your posts! Your garden and the others that you photograph literally relax me!!! Ha...isn't that funny!! I can not even pick my favorite bloom as they are all outstanding! And the fence looks cool in that picture with the blooms up against it! Gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Wow - it's stunning! You have so much colour in your garden. Mine seems to be in a late summer lull right now. I'm thinking I need to change things up quite a bit next year.

    Thanks for sharing! And don't worry about the fence - no one will notice with all those gorgeous blooms!

  5. Es un sueño ver tantas flores!!Me encantó el detalle de la casita para pájaros, siempre quise tener una.
    Hermoso post, como siempre.
    Un abrazo grande y feliz fin de semana!

  6. Jennifer, these are so beautiful.
    Our gardens are beginning to fade fast, and there is not a lot of color left. :-(
    It is so wonderful to see all of this color here.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Jennifer your August garden is superb...just a stunner!!! I only wish my blooms were this gorgeous.

  8. What a fabulous eye you have for photography. Just beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous garden xox

  9. Happy GBBD, Jennifer! Your garden is still full of bright colours and life! I must remember to add lily bulbs and more phlox. They certainly provide great colour during this mid-summer month. And don't bother painting the fence - it has terrific character, just the way it is :)

  10. Your garden is pure heaven Jennifer. I love all the exuberant colors.
    Don't remind me it's one of the last weeks of summer. I'm already sad!
    'Blue Fortune' is one of the favored bee plants in my garden as well. It's later
    than normal blooming for me this year tho. You have a great stand of it.

    btw ~ when I inquired about the name of the 'Salmon Star' Oriental Lily, I couldn't believe it when
    you told me. I remembered I had bought one this spring but couldn't think where it was planted. It's
    blooming now and I'm so excited! I can't believe I actually had something that I admired on your blog!!
    Enjoy the beauty you've so artfully created all around you. It's really wonderful.

  11. So many beautiful plants. I have to keep scrolling back and forth, and of course names get jotted down in the process. I love that it is a riot of colour, it is utterly gorgeous. I only wish I could see it for real.

  12. You have a truly wonderful garden. Lots of my own favourite plants. I love the phlox, helenium and agastache. It must be wonderful to have such a garden.

  13. I love a good midsummer garden - there is so much to see and lots of colour. It is at this time of year that I wish my garden was larger so I could fit more plants in - then when I think of all the extra watering and weeding I change my mind. Your garden truly does you credit Jennifer.

  14. Jennifer, the garden looks wonderful! We share the same phlox and it is nice to have the later blooming varieties like Eva Cullum and Lavender David. I have had trouble keeping Laura, seems to get taken over by the larger varieties like Franz Schubert. You are right about that Agastache Blue Fortune a real bee catcher.


  15. You really must showcase your garden on your blog more. It is truly spectacular.

  16. I agree with Sarah above -- your own garden is beautiful and I love seeing it. I'd especially love longer shots to see how you have designed it overall -- the closeups and combos you show are lovely. Such an exuberant mix of summer blooms!

  17. Your garden looks wonderful, full of healthy colourful plants. The Hydrangea with the dark Coleus look great together.

  18. Amazing...your garden looks spectacular. You have so many things blooming and I love them all! More please.

  19. What a wonderful haven for you and for wildlife - great inspirational ideas that I can 'borrow' from you. beautiful and tranquil. I don't think you need to paint your fence at all, it fits the part perfectly.

  20. What a lot you have in bloom, everything looks wonderful. You do take such lovely pics, I love the white lily.xxxx

  21. Jennifer girl this is simply gorgeous !
    It is so funny how many plants we share and happening the same way with the bees .. I have the large Joe Pye as well as Little Joe by Nanho Blue buddleia.
    Blue Fortune is over 12 years old (I can't believe it is still going .. I have divided it to share with a friend a few years ago as well!)
    Little Lamb hydrangea is FULL of bees too ! .. and it smells amazing.
    I just spent from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM (about 15 minutes of a break to guzzle some sport drinks) in the garden .. trimming, watering, transplanting ... I am so pooped I have to go to bed SOON ! haha
    But this was glorious to see your beautiful pictures and to think how much we share .. I was especially careful to water "your" hellebore girl .. when the weather truly cools I'll be digging it up and dividing and a section will be on it's way to you !
    Loved this post girl !
    Joy : )
    PS .. I too love the sound of our water feature .. we are so lucky to appreciate all of the garden with options to boot ! LOL

  22. Looking at your beautiful garden I get a little bit jealouse (positive way ofcourse). Every vieuw of your garden shows so many beauty. And helas summertime is almost on it's end. Time fly's!
    Have a wonderful day Jennifer.

  23. While I am not normally a fan of pink in the garden, that phlox could make me change my mind.

  24. sooo cheerful and

  25. Beautiful shots of your wonderful color!

  26. You have a tremendously colourful garden!! And everything is so healthy and lush looking. I could wander around there for hours ... just like the bees :) Thanks for sharing! Wendy x

  27. You often showcase different gardens you've visited, but my favorite has to be yours, Jennifer--simply beautiful! The combo of the phlox and Susans along with the picket fence epitomizes my image of the perfect cottage garden. So many lovely textures and color combos! I love the mini-birdhouse.

    If only summer would last a little longer.

  28. Your photos are always so wonderful, Jennifer!
    Here the heavy rain is ruining the last summer boomer, too bad.

  29. Such a wonderful selection of photos of your beautiful flowers. Everything seems to go so well with its neighbours making such a pleasing picture, your garden must be a wonderful place sit.

  30. Oh, Jennifer! Your garden looks so fresh! Not at all like my dried-up August garden! I especially love the way you've planted your blues and purples alongside the yellows and oranges. Truly gorgeous.

  31. Sunglasses definitely required. What a floral feast for the eyes! How could summer be coming to an end? I'm not ready.

  32. Jennifer, your garden is just lovely and your beautiful photos too! I love so many of your flowers so it’s hard to pick a favourite, but lilies have always been special to me so your tiger lily probably tops the list. I also have a fence that needs painting, but with lots of evergreen plants I am not sure when to do it, many of the plants are always there!

  33. You have a paradise there!

  34. Glorious! We have many of the same flowers - Rudbeckia, swamp milkweed, joe pye weed, daylilies, Agastache ... I LOVE the Phlox combined with Rudbeckia or with the Helenium.

  35. Wow. I just went through the pictures of your garden in absolute awe, its so beautiful!

  36. Your garden is absolutely phenomenal and is often the inspiration for my annual redesigns. My garden wants to be your garden when it grows up. Big sigh... WANT! Oh yeah, you're in my Blogger Spotlight this week. :o)


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