Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Walled Garden

Today, I want to share with you a twenty year labor of love that transformed the foundation of old barn into a beautiful walled garden.

A vegetable garden, two ponds and perennial beds filled with daylilies, phlox, hosta and clematis surround this century home and working farm.

We are going to head quickly through the perennial garden at the side of the house 
and focus on area around the walled garden and new barn. 

On the shady exterior of the farm's original barn the plantings include a mix of hosta, maroon colored Heuchera, Lady's Mantle and white flowering Giant Fleece Flower, 'Persicaria polymorha'.

Inside the crumbling foundation there is full sun. Clematis and other green vines cover the walls. Flowers like orange California Poppies, Lavender and Cosmos thrive in the well-drained, gravelly soil. 

Here is a basic layout of the walled garden:

Looking towards 'A' on the garden plan.

Looking towards 'B'.

Here we are looking at a wall coved in Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia 
which is 'D' on the plan drawing.

A central pathway and vine covered arbor lead provide the main entrance
in and out of the walled garden.

It is amazing what a little creativity and a lot of hard work can do.


  1. This is amazing! I especially liked the covered sitting area of the barn because it is the perfect place for al fresco dining and enjoying the garden.

  2. Gorgeous and a lot of hard work. The plants are all so beautiful and healthy.

  3. Isn't that a beautiful garden. Loved photo of the white cosmos. Not an easy day to photograph - but you did a great job. Have been thinking on my least favourite garden chore - weeding the lawn - hands down. So wish my husband had the lawn-gene. Today as we were heading out on our dog walk he said, "The lawn's getting really long, my back is sore, you should really get out there and get it done." Not happening in this heat with my pusher mower. Stay cool.

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Loved "Your lupines or your life" header (Monty Python) and the opening photo of the deep wine-coloured day lily.
    These folks have a gorgeous garden - full of very interesting flowers and shrubs. Excellent design too, which incorporates plants as well as walls, benches, pea gravel and boulders. Thx for taking us on the tour!

  5. What a great way to reclaim a crumbling foundation. They made it into a stunning space, with a lot of complexity. And the barn is great -- looks antique and quirky. There is a real sense of everything having been in this garden forever.

  6. How beautiful! A walled garden is such a luxury - and a rarity in this country. The climate inside can be so different from the climate on the outside - the possibilities are wonderful.

  7. So beautiful, and peaceful, when all fit together so well. Have a nice july and enjoy your marvelous garden !

  8. Wow, that is a gorgeous garden. I believe it's a 20 year labor of love, but most awesome gardens usually are a multi-decade affair with a beautiful place. Great job capturing these incredible gardens.

  9. We're surrounded here by old barn foundations and I'm always telling my husband that there should be gardens inside. This is stunning!

  10. What an outstanding garden! I love the way they used the space. We have an old barn foundation near our library that has been used for a garden as well. I just love how it now has a new life with a purpose!

  11. WOW A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
    I went to some garden tours on Saturday and wish I would have seen one as nice as yours.
    I love to see gardeners utilize an old wall like yours.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. The walled garden is amazing, I imagine the soil is rich from the farm animals, too. I love the way it all flows together. The house is also absolutely charming. Beautiful photography!

  13. Wonderful garden, a lot of work, perennials, flowers, lianas...
    Thank you for sharing, Jennifer!

  14. Simply WOW! :) They used the existing architectural elements to such advantage - you can see how much time and effort they put into it. Your photos capture it beautifully!

    Sheryl @ Flowery Prose

  15. Really nice garden. Where do you find them? The remaining wall is a great feature and certainly makes the garden.

    1. Patty, I found this garden on the Uxbridge Horticultural Society Tour, but I find other gardens by word of mouth or by simply driving by.

  16. The walled garden is beautiful, but the house is also really wonderful with that colonial style verandah or do you call this a porch, sometimes I don' t know.

  17. I really love this property and wish I could see it myself. They did a beautiful job and everything looks so natural and not planned.

  18. Wow! This really is beautiful, Jennifer.
    Surely lots of work and love went into it.

  19. Love it! Not only do they have beautiful color and fabulous foliage, but the walls add privacy and height. That wall of virginia creeper is especially enticing. It looks so cool and inviting.

  20. Just beautiful. Tranquil but lush, with occasional bursts of colorful excitement. Love it.

  21. I just love the old wall and how relaxing this garden makes you feel.

  22. Incredible! I wish I'd been lucky enough to wander through it. :o)

  23. This is one of my favourite gardens that you have I wish I could have a garden like that!!!! Walled gardens are always special aren't they....xxxx


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