Monday, December 5, 2011

It never rains, but it pours!

It seems as though we have experienced one disaster after another. First, it was unexpected and expensive car repair bills.

Then the furnace just up and quit. (Actually, it is a boiler not a furnace, but "it" packed it in just the same. We have hot water heat and ancient radiators in this old house.) 

Trying to find someone who knew something about repairing a ten year old boiler was like searching for hen's teeth, they were kinda hard to find!

Many fruitless call later, we finally found a guy who came out and told us we needed a new "motherboard." 

Sounds like a part from space ship doesn't it?  We were advised that this new motherboard would have to be ordered in at a cost of almost $600. 

Days later, we were still waiting for this supposed "motherboard" arrive from the far reaches of outer space and land here on earth. 

The house was as cold as a mummy's tomb and there was not a single drop of hot water. We had to heat water in pots to bath and do the dishes. I don't mind loading on an extra sweater or doing the dishes by hand, but a hot shower at the end of the day is one luxury that I find it hard to do without, especially when the house is stone cold.

I don't want to bore you with a long, sad story, but in the end we discovered that we did not need a new motherboard at all, just a $2 fuse. The only problem is that there is a short somewhere in the system that is causing the fuse to blow repeatedly. This mystery is still on going...

But at least we have heat and hot water for now!

If you think this is the end of my tale of woe, well it isn't. 

There was fresh misery today. The toilet backed up at 6 am this morning and flooded the bathroom. The water seeped down through the cracks in the wood floor and flowed on to the kitchen ceiling below. 

Then it began to rain from all the pot lights in the kitchen ceiling. 

I was making lunches at the kitchen counter, when it began to rain on the red pepper I was slicing. After I took a moment to recover from the shock, I grabbed some pots and placed them all over the kitchen floor to catch the rising flood waters.

It took a good part of the morning to clean up the mess.

I am sure you must be wondering about this little guy. He is my other news. Meet Mador!

I know. I know. What another dog! Believe me, this wasn't my idea. Three dogs was more than enough, as far as I was concerned.

Mador is my daughter-in-law's Christmas gift from her own mother. Hanna has long wanted a dog of her own. 

I have nicknamed him the "Poop-in-ator", because all of the little puppy accidents. He is very loveable though, with his one ear up flying up like a bat wing, and his tail that seems to be permanently set on wag.

The only bad thing is that Mador's care has fallen a lot to me, while Hanna is at work. As a result, I am hopelessly behind in my own work. 

And time for blogging last week? Well, that flew right out the window! 

I apologize that I haven't returned many of your visits. I promise to catch shortly on all your news and will post some pretty, new garden pictures shortly!

So what do you think Mador? Should I change the blog title to "Three and a half dogs in a garden"?

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  1. Oh dear. Why does things always happen in bunches? The tests of life. Ugh!
    What a sweet puppy. WHo could resist that sweet face.

  2. Oh dear - poor old you - they say bad news comes in three's. The puppy is adorable = if you get fed up with him mail him to me.

  3. Hey Jennifer it must have been a terrible period of time for you. But I hope everything has been changed in the positive way now. The weather is also miserable overhere. Not cold but dark sky's and strong wind, but it belongs to the season. I wish winter came in. Frost, blue sky's and a lot of sunshine and maybe a little bit of snow. I have to wait a while before it is spring overhere.
    Wish you a lot of sunshine (in en out of the house).
    Have a nice day,

  4. Oh, Mador is gorgeous! Truly BEAUTIFUL...sorry, handsome! Your pictures are marvellous! Having raised three puppies this past year, I know exactly what you've been through. Just multiply that by three, when you consider what I went through :)
    And, believe it or not, we, too have had one thing after another pack up. It must be our age and the age of our homes starting to show ;) Currently, we've been having problems with our electrical circuiting. Our trip switch keeps tripping! It's been well nigh impossible to isolate the circuit that is causing this. We may well have to have the house rewired. I do hope your run of misfortune comes to an end, soon! It definitely can't be fun having cold water when the weather is so cold! Brrr! And a toilet leaking through the ceiling. Horrors! You have my sympathy, Jennifer!
    Please give Mador a tummy rub and ear scratch for me! One look at that adorable little face takes all my cares away. Hope he has that effect on you :)

  5. Oh dear, what a story! And I thought I had bad luck with my heating off for over a week and then no internet, but at least I had hot water most of the time! I love your photos - he is really cute and yes you should rename your blog ;-) Have a wonderful time with no more disasters!

  6. Sorry to hear of your luck. But your new puppy is precious. I hope he brings you cheer.

  7. OMG, you have really had the hex put on you! I have had similar experiences the last couple of weeks, car broken twice, furnace stopped working, sump pump stopped, generator not working, yikes! I had a stream of repairmen, would not want to know the total expense.

    I hope it is over for a while for both of us, goodbye black cloud. That is one adorable puppy, he would make me feel better.


  8. Jennifer girl OMG !!!!
    I feel so bad for you with all of these ridiculous things happening .. I have to say I was almost in the same situation when the roof was leaking and we didn't know until water started to drip out of the dining room light fixture .. that was scary .. then the two years in a row with raccoons taking up residence and creating a nursery in our attic .. so I understand how you feel .. but no heat or hot water is the ice breaker ! LOL sorry girl .. couldn't help myself ..
    Now Mador ... my god he is such a sweet little soul ! but I understand the extra work involved and you shouldering it .. husband wants a dog and I keep putting him off .. he forgets how much work a new puppy is and a dog will be for life .. I threatened to get another cat .. so then he got quiet about it ? LOL
    But ... who could resist this lovable little soul .. three and a half dogs is perfect girl !
    I love your header picture with the frosty rosemary !!!
    Joy : )
    PS Thank you for stopping by my blog when you are up to your eyes in .. doo doo ? LOL

  9. Twoje domowe kłopoty z wodą, których nie zazdroszczę,potrafiłaś nam umilić cudownymi zdjęciami z pieskiem.Pozdrawiam

  10. Oh, Jennifer! What a lovely excuse to slow down, get down on the floor and just play!! Puppies are so awesome, I wonder how your other ones are getting along with Mador.
    He's gorgeous. Love me a blonde dog, ya know!
    Sorry to hear about the maintenance woes. Don't they say things come in 3s? Maybe your troubles are finished for a while??

  11. So, what you're saying is - you're the one responsible for training him! Good luck with that, especially since I noted his nickname! ;) Our heater has been acting up, too. Three trips from the repairmen, and the last one said it was something "odd" that no one could really figure out! Oy! He at least did something - not sure what - but enough to keep us warm for who knows how long until the "odd" thing decides to quit again! But, oh, my gosh! I can not even imagine the toilet water running down through the lights to the kitchen! What a mess! I would have been screaming and yelling and crying. I feel for you.

  12. Oh my goodness, you have had your share of misfortune lately!
    I sure hope it is all gone by now.
    Mador is just precious, and I think Three and a Half Dogs in a Garden is just perfect! I have 4 dogs, so I know about the work!!

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange this week.

    Have a great evening!


  13. When it rains it pours and literally for you, I'm afraid. Hope all of you stay warm and dry.

    And, that puppy oh my gosh he is so stinking cute. I love how he looks right at the camera, with his sweet little doggy smile. Do the humans still out number the dogs?

    Thanks for sharing you photos, they are super cute.

  14. You need an all expenses paid vacation!! We once had our tub leak gallons of water into the kitchen and garage.

    That little pup is adorable!! I think by next summer we'll be hearing about Four Dogs in the Garden! If I can do five, you can do four! :o) Hang in there!! This too shall pass.

  15. Your captures of Mador are wonderful! He certainly looks like a pup with personality.

  16. Well I hope Mador spread good cheers in the midst of trouble!

    Hang on. The dogs can ;-)
    I should know. I have 2.

  17. What a little cutie!

  18. Ok- important things first- he is SO CUTE!!!!!!
    I love it. How much fun. Three and a half dogs in a garden hahaha cute. I saw one post say Three Dogs and A Pup- cute. And then- no heat???? I am such NOT a cold person. (and yes, we are getting ready to go to Chicago next week- call me nuts). Cold with no heater- oh my gosh! Would not have been able to do it I don't think! Did you just wear 5 jackets and dress in ski clothes or what? Hopefully he amused you while you waited for the motherboard- which ended up being a $2 fuse- don't you love that? Hope you get that figured out and the toilet. Oh my. No wonder you have posted in a while. You have had your hands a little full. I have not posted as I have not been out to the nursery as I was under the weather and when I did go yesterday I was SO COLD that I didn't think I could take my finger out of my glove long enough to snap any shots! haha. I could fill up a blog with my kitties who have been entertaining me at the house though. So excited for your new addition. We are finally ready to get another dog. Perhaps Christmas. Stay warm!!!

  19. For some beautiful dogs. Super wonderful images.

  20. Oh sounds like you have had quite a difficult few days, and what a mess to clean up all round! Still, that adorable face must have made you grin and a cuddle would have calmed nerves heh! I notice, one ear up and one ear that permanent or just happened that way in the photos. Interesting coat as well...adorable is the word!

  21. Oh my you certainly have had some trials lately.. they whoever they are say bad things come in 3's so you must be in the clear now... With you new buddy Mador I hope all will be smooth sailing now. He is adorable.

  22. Your house woes sound like mine. There is always something going in a building that's near the century mark. However, we don't have a cute puppy to distract us from it.

  23. I am shivering at the thought of no heat and no hot water, and a back-up, overflowing toilet, too! Misery does seem to come in packages. The new puppy, at least, is cute enough to make up for the messes he makes!

    BTW, I sympathize on your efforts to find a boiler repairman. We have hydronic radiant floor heating, with a gas fired boiler that heats water that is then pumped through pipes in the floor. Wonderful, except when we need someone to work on the boiler! They don't make them like they used to!

  24. Ooh, I hate it when house goes bad. It can be so expensive and not fun money to spend. I hope everything gets sorted shortly.

    Your pup is adorable!! Hopefully he is the rainbow you are looking for... XOLaura

  25. I'm so sorry to hear of all the terrible things that happened to you lately, Jennifer. It does seem as if when one thing goes wrong, everything does. Our furnace guy is coming tomorrow, and I have my fingers crossed all we need is a new thermostat. Last week the house never got above 62, and this morning I woke up to 75 degrees--I was tempted to open a window to cool off:) Hope you're warm--and dry--very soon!

    Mador is so adorable! Nothing like a puppy to brighten up your day, even if it means cleaning up puppy "accidents."

  26. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Dogs come in extra handy at such times don't you think? They can always cheer a person up. It's been a while since I visited your blog, but I must admit I picked a good day. While I always love your garden photos, I really come to see the ones of your dogs!! Great shots once again.

  27. Oh Jennifer, I am glad I came around to see this little guy. What an absolute cutie pie. We are still at three dogs, the oldest is going to be 18 in Feb. Once she passes, I really really don't want another third dog. I love them, but oy, more than two is close to a pack!
    So sorry to hear about the boiler and the toilet...ugh!

  28. What an awful run of bad luck, but I'm sure Mador will keep you smiling. What a sweetheart!


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