Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

Spring hasn't set foot in my garden just yet. This morning is down right frosty and the ground is still snow covered. 

Today as a distraction, I thought we might go shopping. 

Don't worry about wearing comfortable shoes so you can trek from store to store for this shopping excursion. Just sit back and get comfortable. Nor do you have to stress about what will greet you when you stand in front of a mirror under those unflattering florescent store lights. The only thing you are going to see here today is "pretty". Best of all, everything is for the garden.

Window shop or if you are brave enough to turn over the price tag and check out the price, click the link below each picture and that should take you to the retailer's site/price page.

Carmel Collection at Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware is doing interesting things these days. Take this vignette- not a flower in sight and yet everything looks beautiful.

Imagine these filled with moss or a collection of sedum.

Metal Push Cart at Pottery Barn

A random collection of plants in pots can look messy, but if you group them into a collection, they can really look terrific. Visitors to your garden will also be better able to appreciate pretty pots if they are up closer to eye level.

I love this vignette.  If you have a blank wall, why not add something interesting like an old rusty gate. Add some plants in interesting containers, a climbing vine and some comfortable seating and you are transported instantly to somewhere in the south of France.

Just a quick note about the new additions to the top header. It became obvious to me from a few recent comments that I needed to add some contact information to my blog. To that end, I have created a new contact tab so you can now contact me directly by email. While I was modifying the header, I also added additional placeholder tabs that will contain general background information in the very near future.

Hope you had fun window shopping.


  1. You have just convince me to buy the bicycle container that I saw in one of the shops here in Adelaide;-).

  2. I love looking at all this highend stuff. I say, if I can't afford anything at the moment, I might as well be looking at the very best. (Let's hope it warms up soon!)

  3. Great tour Jennifer. I frequent all of these often. Our Restoration Hardware has gotten kind of spooky inside, so dark it's difficult to see the colors or merchandise. They need to lighten up! I need to go back to Pottery Barn and West Elm, they were resetting for summer last week.


  4. Beautiful inspiration - thanks for sharing!

  5. Hmmmmmm, I'll take one ... of EVERYTHING!

  6. All so lovely now if spring would make an appearance and stay.

  7. I'm with Liza, I want one of everything))).

    What I especially want to thank you for is showing the potting bench. Mine is too low and a light bulb went on when I saw the Pottery Barn bench...Casters would solve the problem. So spent considerable time trying to find iron wheel casters luck so far...but will keep trying. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. What a nice tour, especially for us who live in small towns away from shopping! I just must have the bicycle planter from the Pottery Barn!

  9. I would love to order it all! I've been drooling over the Pottery Barn catalogs showing up but I don't get Crate & Barrel. We also used to have a Restoration Hardware store at our mall but unfortunately it went out after Christmas. :-(

    Lovely shopping trip and my feet aren't even sore!

  10. Fun shopping w/o the price tags screaming at me! We used to have a Restoration Hardware store near us when we lived in Virginia, fun store.

    my word verification is dogiest!

  11. That was fun! Lots of stuff there I would love to have, but I'm afraid I'm about shopped out for the season. I can't wait for some of these items to go on sale after the summer!

  12. How wonderful to dream of such fabulous goodies! I'll take the house from the Arbor collection from Crate and Barrel. Just add it to my tab!

  13. Shopping is a great way to prepare for spring. On such a day I found a lovely white lantern. I'm going to put a plant in it, however. Your shopping items are stirring me to shop:D

  14. I wish we had Pottery Barn here in South Africa! Thanks for all the great ideas.


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