Monday, November 15, 2010

Rideau Woodland Rambles Nursery, Merrickville, Ontraio

Indian Summer Crabapple

Late last summer, we visited Rideau Woodland Ramble Nursery in Merrickville, Ontario and I thought I would share the stroll we took that day through the display gardens and down the shaded woodland path. 

The cool shade of the tall pine and evergreen furs was more than welcome on that hot, humid afternoon. I loved the way that the "garden" perennials blended into the mix of native plants already found in the natural landscape. 

Different varieties of grasses were grouped beautifully in a garden beds. The spare inclusion of a Japanese ornament here and there were a great compliment to these minimal, all green displays.

There were also flowers, even as late in the season as our visit was. Isn't the toad lily (tricyrtis) below exquisite?

Toad lilies like shade and rich, moist soil and so I have had difficulty getting them established in my dry, Southern Ontario garden.

I find that I only see dragonflies here in late summer in Ontario. I wonder why that is? 


 Sedum Stonecrop (Angelina rupestre)

I thought that this flower was kind of interesting and unusual. It is Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) and it also likes moist soil.

Some bugs were busy! Poor little Brown-eyed Susan!


  1. Jennifer, this looks super beautiful to me right now. My garden is so gold and brown - green is good!


  2. Forgive me for not cluing in but that is their show garden? Looks lovely. Someone has a good eye for combination.

  3. Hi Patty,
    Sorry for the confusion. I am showing the "display" or "show" gardens at the nursery.

  4. LOVE the woodland garden! What a great place to stroll and take in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

  5. That shady path looks absolutely delightful. I love how the hostas have overgrown their space and encroached on the path.

  6. I'm sure I could get lost there. I could spend weeks just enjoying the beauty!

  7. You have such beautiful pictures on your blog.

    The nusery looks to have lovely display gardens. The shot of the trellis with the phlox is exquisite, as is the one of the Great Blue Lobelia.

  8. It must have been a nice walk. Love the first and last photo!

  9. Jennifer this was absolutely beautiful (till we hit the poor Susan's fate ? haha) .. I am a total grass fan and the arrangements here with a simple piece of Japanese lanterns is stunning .. I want to have a garden just like this .. I want to get lost in my grass so i can't see any neighbors or hear them ! haha
    Truly a lovely place and spot on perfect pictures .. I know what you mean about the dragonflies .. same here in Kingston .. I have no idea why either .. too bad because they are so good for the garden keeping the bad insects down and they look gorgeous themselves !

  10. Loved the ramble. Gorgeous photos.

  11. I hadn't noticed that Black Eyed Susan before. At least the bugs didn't go hungry! :D Just teasing.

  12. Jennifer all of your shots are beautiful but I'm partial to the dragonfly. They are so fascinating to watch as they move about the garden. We have some here in Texas that are a bright orange/red. Hopefully I'll be able to capture some images of them next summer ;-)

  13. I can move right in and feel at home in this woodland garden. The perennials alongside the path are incredible! I have a woodland garden but try as I might I can't get it to ever look like this. What a wonderful stroll. The crabapples look luscious!

  14. Beautiful woodland garden! When looking at the Great Blue Lobelia, at first I was charmed by the little flowers going this way and that at jaunty angles, then it seemed to me like tiny bluejays or blue birds all along the stem. Lovely!


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