Friday, October 8, 2010

Late Bloomer

Gladiolus Callianthus

This flower, shining in the late fall sun, is one of my favorites. In my garden it usually blooms late in August or in early September. This year its blooming in October, because I got the bulbs at an end of spring clearance and then took forever to get them into the soil.

The small, fragrant flower is pure white with a maroon throat. The foliage of Gladiolus Callianthus is the same thin, sword-like leaves of other more common kinds of glads. 

In my opinion, for maximum impact, this a delicate beauty is best planted in clumps of 12 or 15 bulbs. 

Sadly, the bulbs are not hardy in my Southern Ontario garden.

On a another note, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Not only is it a great time to be thankful for family, friends and all the many things in our lives we tend to take for granted, it is also a great time to get out there and 

pick some apples or

choose the perfect pumpkin to decorate the front porch. 

And what better time of year is there to take in a little of that gorgeous fall color! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for all those great fall photos! Have a great Thanksgiving.


  2. Dear Jennifer, I really love these late flowering Gladiolus. As you say, they are best grown in large clumps and are such an elegant addition to the late summer border.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your new header is stunning!! I love your gladiola, I haven't seen one like this before - incredible bloom.

  4. Look at all of those pretty pumpkins. What beautiful Fall pictures. I love your Glad. Getting it out late just gave you some beautiful blooms for Fall.I believe I would dig those up and plant them again next year.

  5. WOW!! The pix are so beautiful!!! What a fabulous flower. :0) You're an awesome photographer!! I didn't know Candians had Thanksgiving. All your pix seem so idyllic, like postcards.

  6. Oooh, what beautiful shots of those glads! Love that sunlight in the first photo! Too bad they are not hardy there. I assume you will lift them? Happy Thanksgiving! Just you feast on turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie up there like we do in the States? Your fall photos are fun and so perfectly seasonal. Autumn is just an extension of summer here where I live, though we pretend by placing pumpkins and silk leaves and scarecrows on our front porches. Of course, we know nothing of those luscious apple trees, and we expect the two maples in our front garden to shed their leaves somewhere about mid-January. It's quite the novelty.

  7. Dear Jennifer ... Wishing you a simply marvelous Thanksgiving Weekend! Beautiful photos (as always)! ~Cheers~

  8. Thanks everyone for leaving the comments. Yes, we do celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. We just get around to celebrating the fall harvest a little earlier than our American neighbors! Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. I love pick your own farms. They are great fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. What a beautiful, delicate flower!
    Happy Thanksgiving day! I try to find 'Pick yourself'apple orchard here, but no result so far. We used to do it when we lived in the Midwest.

  11. Beautiful photos! and great idea to go around picking apples and pumpkins, the time certainly feels like doing it
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Love the gladioli, it is such a pretty colour combination. Happy thanksgiving.


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