Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Tiny Front Garden in Kingston, Ontario

 A bee gathers pollen from a pink Rose of Sharon.

How cute is this house? 

I love the handsome black front door and shutters on the upper windows. A double flowering Rose of Sharon located just to the right of the door adds mid-summer color to the small front garden.

The red trim on the windows looks charming paired with the grey of the house and the black of the
window boxes.

 Echinacea is planted under the window boxes at the front of the house.

 Ground covers on either side of a small brick path keep the front garden looking neat and tidy.

Pink phlox blooms on the perimeter of this pretty cottage garden.


  1. Love that house!!! I used to live in a house built in 1895 and I miss how unique old houses are. Cute garden!! I wonder what the human food equivalent of rose of sharon nectar would be? There are so many bees on my rose of sharon that it must taste delicious!

  2. That house look so familiar. Must have walked by it when I lived in Kingston. Tons of gorgeous houses there.


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