Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Garnet Garden, Oakville Ontario

An intimate view of a Hydrangea flower.

Overlooking Lake Ontario, the Garnet's have a breathtaking view that is simply priceless. Here adirondack chairs are positioned to look out over the lake.

This is got to be one of my very favorite pictures from the Greater Toronto Water Garden Tour. I love the mix of the pink hydrangeas and the cool blue tones of Russian Sage.

A bee discovers the Russian Sage flowers.

Shade and moisture loving Astrantia makes a abstract fairy tale image.

The Garnet's have transformed an old concrete pool into a pond. Don't the water lilies look like a painting by Renoir?

The back garden has a second smaller pond as well.

Astilbe (left) and daylilies create a pretty color combination.

A final piece of eye candy- a Hydrangea from the front garden.


  1. All of those pictures are dreamy! I'd love to spend a day in any one of those gardens!

  2. Wow, you have taken some great pictures!

  3. WOW!!! These gardens are so beautiful!! I used to live in upstate NY near the Canadian garden and everything grew so lushly. We had amazing soil! It's great seeing plants that I can't grow well here because it's so hot and humid. Fabulous!!!


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