Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you trust your gut instincts?

Do you trust your gut instincts? I'd like to say that I always trust mine, but the truth is, I often second guess myself. Most of the time, my first ideas are my best ideas. This isn't to say that I act on them. I usually go around the block first and then return to that first burst of inspiration. 

I may not trust my gut instincts, but I do listen to what my heart tells me is true. For example, when I stand in front of a great painting, I know it is an amazing work of art, without anyone telling me it is so. Figuring out and understanding why it is a great work of art comes sometime later. This coming to an understanding of why something is wonderful is a puzzle that I love to consider and solve. 

I know. What does all this have to do with gardening? Well, when I come across a garden that is breathtakingly beautiful, I often return to it again and again to puzzle out what makes it so special. The exquisite woodland display garden at Lost Horizon's Nursery is just such a garden. 

We planned a visit there early this past spring. On a day of our trip, the thermometer had plunged unexpectedly and a fine drizzle made the cold day damp and miserable. I had been looking forward to the short trip there and was not about to be put off with a little bad weather. Dressed in warm coats and coffees in hand, we strolled through the woodland display garden. These are a few of the pictures we took that day. 

A fine gravel path winds its way through the garden. Rockery plantings tumble over natural stone and spill on to the gravel paths. The eye rolls smoothly over the contour of the uneven landscape and the staggered heights of the plantings.

For most gardeners foliage color and texture are not foremost considerations in planning a garden. The opposite is the case at Lost Horizons. Perfect proof that foliage need not be boring. 

Contrast in the size, color and shape of foliage keeps "green" interesting. Natural stone adds extra textural interest to the mix.

The subtly of texture invites a closer look.

The beautiful architecture of ferns emerging from the soil.

A Japanese Maple adds a slash of color. Evergreens  keep the garden interesting even after the snow flies.

Above, bugleweed was given the freedom to spread into a luxuriously large swath of color. On its leaves a deep rose color melts into the cream, copper, and green. Spikes of blue-purple flowers are a bonus feature.

Vanes of green traverse the surface of Brunette's heart shaped leaves and map out the underlying leaf structure.

Lost Horizons Nursery is located on Highway 7, two miles west of Acton, Ontario, on the south side. From the 401, take Highway 25 north and go west on Highway 7 to Crewsons Line. The nursery is on the south west corner of Highway 7 and Crewsons Line. Hours of operation are Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from May until October (weather permitting).


  1. What a great garden. I love gardens that focus on plants. Flowers can be so overrated!

  2. My photographer friends insist that cloudy. overcast days are the best time to shoot garden photos.Your beautiful pictures confirm that advice.

  3. Great post. What a beautiful garden to visit, especially through the eyes of an artist. Photographs are wonderful, especially the ferns. I've linked to your site. It's always a pleasure to connect to another Canadian gardener.

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Thank your for visiting my blog and your kind comment.
    Love your photos of the garden nursery - but most of all your beautiful peonies.

  5. A neighbor of mine has a garden much like that rock garden above. I often stop in front of their house just to try to get it all in. Your right. When it's wonderful, you just know.

  6. Even though I am a flower nut. Foliage is just as important to me. Green is my favorite everything! Maybe I should start a show us your green day in bloggerland!!
    My sis says I should put a watermark on that butterfly photo you commented on. Thanks for the compliment, I am going to use it on my header this month. Great pictures on your post and gardening in the rain is my favorite if it is not too cold. Blessings to you. Meg

  7. Thanks for the pictures of a great display garden. I haven't been to Lost Horizons in a few years (every time I go, I spend way too much money), but I think I need a return visit.
    Did you buy anything?

  8. Thank you for your comment Jennifer. Diabetes is really such a difficult thing to live with as it has soooo many other problems that go with it! I wish you and your husband the best as you deal with it!

    I love the pictures and especially the ferns. My ferns have gone crazy this season! I hope that I can visit that nursery one day--my cousin lives in Georgetown so maybe the next time that I visit her... :)

  9. Oh what a cool picture that first one is! I love your header picture too - just lovely. Thanks for the tour around, will be back to visit!


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