In March 2010, I started my blog "Three dogs in a Garden" to share my love of gardening with other gardeners.

I joined Blotanical and was elated to discover a worldwide community of gardeners who shared my passion for growing flowers and vegetables. Their writing was touching, informative and funny. Their photography was inspiring. The beauty of their gardens humbling.

Through my blog I have celebrated personal gardening triumphs and even revealed a few miserable failures. Like housework, a garden is never done!

My blog has been a great excuse for trips to the local nurseries and a display gardens. Above is Lost Horizons nursery and below is We're In The Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens.

It has been a reason to discover other area gardens and meet some wonderful local gardeners.

The Garnet Garden in Oakville Ontario

A private garden in Georgetown, Ontario.

A private garden in Glen Williams, Ontario.

Writing blog posts has also been a good reason to visit public gardens. This is the Lucy Maud Montgomery Garden in Norval, Ontario.

Almost 5 years have passed now. I probably don't have to tell you that it 's a lot of work keeping a blog going.

Add to that this the fact that winters in this part of Canada are so long. There are times I feel discouraged, especially when it is the first of April and there is still snow on the ground.

But then I will write something that gets a good response or I'll take a picture of which I am proud. Blogging forces me to struggle with my sentences and doing regular blog posts keeps me disciplined. Taking photographs only serves to make me look at things more closely.

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and left kind comments. Thanks also the those gardeners who have welcomed me into their private spaces and allowed me to photograph their gardens.

It has truly been a pleasure.