Spring Gardens

Landscape architect David Tomlinson, designed and began work on his beautiful garden in 1981. On the 3/4 of an acre that surrounds his home in Aurora, Ontario, David set out to create a series of gardens within a garden. There is a Perennial Flower Garden, a Fragrant Garden, a Rock Garden and a Winter Garden.

Visit David Tomlinson's garden in early spring in this blog post and in June in this blog post.

Each year, David Tomlinson opens Merlin's Hollow to the public free of charge on the 2nd Saturday in May, the 2nd Saturday and Sunday in June and the 1st Saturday in July and the Sunday of the following weekend.

Summer Gardens:

Located in Grey-Bruce County, Larkwhistle is probably one of Ontario's most well known private gardens. 

Winters on the Bruce Peninsula and long and harsh. The marginal topsoil is thin and sandy. 

Despite these challenges, noted garden writer Patrick Lima and his partner, the photographer John Scanlan, have managed to create magical garden full of color. Visit Larkwhistle Garden in mid-August in this series of posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

A Romantic Garden

This garden was my personal favourite on the 2012 Through the Garden Gate tour. Visit this beautiful tradition garden in downtown Toronto. 

How the Other Half Garden

Every year, the Through the Garden Gate offers local garden enthusiasts a change to peak into some of the area's finest private gardens.  In this blog post, see two gardens in the exclusive Rosedale neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.

Beth Powell's large country garden reveals itself through a series of whimsical vignettes: there is a canoe filled with flowerpots floating in the pond, a seating area that seems plucked from the Tuscany countryside, quirky and original container plantings, and a rain garden among this gardens many unique and novel features. Visit Beth's garden in a two part series of posts: Part 1 and Part 2.
Beautiful Tapestry

In her lovely garden, Heather Bradley has woven a rich tapestry using shape, color and texture. Flowers are not the focus. They are just one of the many elements. 
Take a stroll done the moss covered paths in this beautifully designed garden in this blog post.

This heritage home is a small community northwest of Toronto has been lovingly restored. The homeowner has a talent for creating beautiful vignettes and container plantings. Perennial flower borders frame the property.
Find some inspiration for your own garden in this blog post.

Cathy Kavassalis has a pretty way of mixing flowers and foliage. The garden has a nice collection of perennials as well as a small pond with turtles.

Take a stroll through Cathy's summer garden in this blog post.

Fall Gardens:

The expansive flowers beds brimming with fall color leave no doubt that this small farmhouse in Eramosa township is a gardener's home. Visit the garden in this blog post.

Old School Road in Caledon, Ontario was so named, because in the days gone by, when children walked to school, there was a school built every two miles along the road. Visit a restored schoolhouse and the surrounding gardens in this fall blog post.

Private Water Gardens:

The beautiful three-year-old pond was one of the first projects that the Debbie Sperling and her husband tackled in their garden. An old swimming pool located off the back deck was artfully transformed into a large figure-eight shaped pond. A Japanese style wooden bridge crosses the pond at its narrowest point and links the two sections.

Visit this lovely garden in this blog post.

Preview the 2012 Pond Tour in support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice to find inspiration to make your own garden pond.

After a long day at work, imagine the pleasure of coming home, collapsing into a comfortable Adirondack chair and sinking your toes into the sandy shore of your own private "lake". Well, that is just what these lucky homeowners do!

At the front of this home, a series of fresh water streams crisscross the yard. Interspersed among the pebbles and rocks are a wide range of perennials, native Service Berry trees and a Bella Luca maple.

Visit the garden in this blog post.

Public Gardens:

Lucy Maud Montgomery Memorial Garden

Did you know that the beloved author of the Anne of Green Gables series of books, set in beautiful Prince Edward Island, actually spent half of her life living in Ontario? Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in the small town of Norval, Ontario from 1926 to 1935.

Did you also know that Lucy Maud's husband suffered with mental illness and that the author herself had a life long struggle with depression?

Visit the public garden built and lovingly maintained by the Norval Association Garden Club in memory of Lucy Maud Montgomery in this blog post.

Edwards Gardens in Toronto

Adjacent to the Toronto Botanical Garden is Edwards Gardens, a former estate garden featuring perennials, roses and an extensive rockery.

We visited Edwards Gardens one Sunday afternoon in early September. See the garden, in all its early fall splendor, in this blog post. We also made another fall visit in this earlier blog post.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens, visitors can stroll through 2,700 acres of flowers and plants, which include a bird sanctuary and woodland arboretum.

We have visited the garden many times. Visit the Rockery in May in this blog post. Visit the annual Rose Festival, in this blog post.
To visit the RBG website click this link.

Designed by Julie Messervy in collaboration with famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the landscape architects of Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation departments, the Music garden is a musical interpretation of Bach's First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello. Visit the garden in late summer in this blog post.

Nursery and Display Gardens:

Lost Horizons Nursery

Lost Horizons Nursery has one of the most beautiful display gardens I have ever seen. The nursery itself, offers over 3000 plants from around the world, many extremely rare. Visit the garden in this blog post.

To visit the Lost Horizons website click the link.
Lost Horizons Nursery and Display Gardens are located just west of Toronto on Highway 7, two miles west of the town of Acton, Ontario.

For complete driving directions click here. 

Rideau Wood land Ramble

Rideau Woodland Ramble Nursery and Display Garden is situated on 7 acres of woodland in Merrickville, Ontario (near Ottawa). The display garden showcases rare and unusual hostas, grasses, conifers, magnolias and a range of shrubs, trees and perennials.

Visit the display garden in this blog post.

To visit the nursery website click this link: Rideau Woodland Ramble Nursery.

Henry Lorrain started the Hayfield Daylily, with his late partner Douglas Lycett, more than 25 years ago. Together they began breeding daylilies for vigor, bud count and hardiness for the Canadian climate.

Visit the nursery in this blog post.

One of the best times to visit the Hayfield is during their Daylily Festival every July. For details and a catalogue, visit the nursery website: We're in the Hayfield Now.