Monday, July 12, 2010

A Celebration of Water in the Garden

Following many days of high heat and humidity, clouds rolled in early Friday morning and rain fell. With the rain came the welcome relief of slightly cooler air. After a week or so of drought, you could almost hear the garden sigh with relief.

Water is a precious resource that we too often take for granted in North America because fresh, clean water is plentiful. In the next few days, I hope you will join me in a celebration that priceless, wondrously beautiful, natural element- water.

This past weekend the Greater Toronto Water Garden Society held its annual water garden tour. The self-directed tour featured eight amazing gardens that I am sure will both delight and inspire you. Follow the posts this week and next to see them all.

The Greater Toronto Water Garden and Horticultural Society is an organization that formed in the spring of 1999 with a handful of enthusiastic water gardeners. They meet on Sundays at the Toronto Botanical Gardens on the Southwest corner of Leslie and Lawrence in Toronto. To learn more about the society call (416) 422-2164 or (905) 986-0310 or visit their website:


  1. Hi Jennifer, what a fabulous set of captures you have shared with us, thanks!!! We do tend to take the water for granted, I agree. Thanks for raising awareness about it, we do need to preserve it. That water lily shot with the dappled light is superb! :-)

  2. What wonderful photos. We too have had a week of increasing heat and humidity. It had become almost unbearable until the skies opened up on Saturday and it's been a steady downpour ever since. Nothing nicer than a warm rain after so much heat.


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