Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiny Treasures

When I took the boys for their early morning walk, it was particularly damp and cold. Everything was again covered in tiny ice crystals.

I was glad that I had foresight to cover my parsley with a protective glass bell because 

this morning the bell was covered in ribbons of of tiny frost crystals.

I am a great sentimentalist. When I walk though the garden on a cold morning like this, I keep my eyes open for tiny treasures, like these feathers- calling cards left by birds who have visited the garden. When I find them, I scoop them up and put them into my pocket to take home. 

I put the feathers in a glass jar along with other chance discoveries, like the tiny, pale green egg I found one afternoon.

I have been collecting seeds pods as well. Seeds are magical aren't they- a plant all wrapped up in the tiniest of packages? 

So what does this Canadian do to get through a grey wintery day like this one? 

Well, she goes out to the store and buys the happiest, most spring like flowers she can find!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today, I am participating in Blooming Friday which is hosted by Katarina at Roses and Stuff. Be sure to visit to see other posts with the theme "tiny".


  1. Your boys are so cute - great pix of the frosty cold! I appreciate having a dog to drag me out even when it's cold...

  2. Jennifer, your dogs are beautiful! I have a ton of parsley this year. I think I am going to have to cover them with some pretty big baskets.


  3. Oooh, snapdragons! They are quite a lovely flower for a dreary cold day. The features are a nice treasure. I also love the glass bell, gorgeous.

  4. The frost on your glass bell is so beautiful! Nature is full of wonderment, isn't it? The boys don't look like they're bothered by the chilly air at all! Enjoy your weekend (and your happy flowers)!

  5. Thanks for your tip about where to buy roses. That Pickering site is awesome. I'm afraid though that the shipping is going to be too costly for the States, but I will definitely use the website for research. I think I narrowed down the type of roses I want to try. David Austin English Roses sound amazing!

  6. You made me stop and think about the tiny treasures I see every day. Great idea to treat oneself to some pretty flowers especially to get thru the winter to come.

  7. Lot´s of lovelely pictures...
    Have a nice weekend ;)

  8. A child still lives in you, and it is great! I smiled when read about bringing home feathers and other little things. Beautiful, cheerful flowers! A good way to brighten a winter day.

  9. Wow...lovely photos!
    I have a sheltie too! Her name is Milla!
    Have a nice day! / Irene

  10. Hi Jennifer, what a lovely post. Just perfect on a grey an otherwise dull November Day.

    Love your header!

    Happy weekend/Tyra

    Tyra in the Kitchen Garden - KÖKTRÄDGÅRDEN

  11. Very nice photo of the trio. Is funny, in mexico we call snapdragons "perritos", which means little doggies.
    Also, I like the icy pattern on your bell

  12. Beautiful dogs and a great post! The Snapdragons are lovely - a good choice for this time of year.

  13. Dear Jennifer, Your dogs are absolutely beautiful and are certainly an incentive to go out into the freezing cold. The wintry images you show look absolutely lovely but it does seem a very long time until spring. What an excellent idea to bring cheer into the house with some fresh blooms from the florist!!

  14. Jennifer those pictures were gorgeous !
    I love seeing the boys of course (don't tell my girls please !) .. the glass bell is so pretty and with the designs of the frost it was stunning !
    I miss being able to buy cheap but totally beautiful flowers in Holland .. we would by the most amazing roses in Belgium markets .. but if I get desperate I can visit Costco and indulge ? LOL
    Joy : )

  15. Your boys are beautiful! As are those swirly ice patterns on the glass bell.

    The goldenrods really have a second season of beauty when the seedheads are frosted.

    Lovely post.

  16. Beautiful "boys!" Beautiful photos. I love that glass bell - especially etched with the ice crystals. I just brought home a turkey feather today from the park. It is so iridescent and has the most beautiful bronze and gold colors.

  17. Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave me a comment. The snapdragons are holding up beautifully. I purchased them for only $6 at the grocery store.
    Thanks also for remarking on the unique frost pattern on the bell- nature sure can be amazing!


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