Monday, June 28, 2010

Where is Tom Sawyer when I need him?

I thought I should catch you up on what has been happening in my own garden. 

Spring tulips gave way to Alliums and Irises.

Of the spring flowering shrubs, this Double Flowering Almond was my favorite.

Out the front my "Gas Plant" has finally matured into a lovely display of white flowers. (Gas Plants take years to establish and are very unforgiving if moved. Count on just one flower stem per year of growth.)

I inherited most of the peonies in my garden from our home's previous owner and can not take credit for the wonderful display they provide every June. 
I find peonies reliable and undemanding. If only they bloomed longer! To take full advantage of their short season, I picked lots of bouquets, so I could enjoy them in the house as well.

Marjorie Fair Rose

Last winter some unknown tunneling sort of creature destroyed a good portion of the very front of the garden. The city's sidewalk plow also reeked havoc on the roses in the same flower bed.

Tough the replacement perennials and ground cover roses I planted are all coming along nicely, I really missed having the usual burst of color that the fallen plants provided in previous years. 

A view through the front arbor. Marjorie Fair rose on the left and Ballerina rose on the right.

My husband came up with a clever system of hooks that allows us the dismantle the fence easily for routine maintenance.

I would like to tell you that I have been spending lots of the time gardening, but the reality is that I have spent more time in the last few weeks sanding and painting the white picket fence that frames the front garden.
Where is Tom Sawyer and his band of fence painting volunteers when I need them?


  1. My goodness you live in such a lovely "garden home" ? LOL .. Seriously that is just simply gorgeous ! and what a great system for the fencing .. it all looks wonderful and such a treat to see : )
    I had considered a gasplant for some time but like baptisia it does take patience and time .. and more of my garden is becoming a shade garden .. also the Ballerina rose is another of your plants that I have been considering for a couple of years now .. I want a new structure for it to grow on .. it does look so pretty in your garden .. you are edging me further towards it now ! ;-)

  2. I agree, Peonies need to bloom for longer. Yours are stunning!

  3. What a lovely garden & photos. I haven't been to Paris in ages - you've inspired me - time for a road trip. Saw a couple of gals talking about Peonies at our hort society. If you cut them when the buds feel like marshmallows, then roll them each in newspaper; stack them in a box in the fridge & then on presentation day you cut a piece off the stems, plunk them in water and presto your peonies that bloom on different days now bloom all at the same time. Was gobsmacked to learn you could keep them in the fridge for almost 3 months in suspended animation. Wonderful idea if you've got a big party on the agenda & the guest of honour loves peonies.

  4. Great photo of the front of your house.

  5. Wow, your garden is fabulous, especially the peonies. I have two small peonies that are in their second year, and still too small to bloom. Maybe next year!

  6. Your home and gardens are gorgeous and that's an understatement. I guess 'stately' in the word that comes to mind.


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