Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Visit to Paris

On Sunday we visited Paris, Ontario a small town set picturesquely set on the Grand River. We spent the early afternoon shopping and eating decadent ice cream at a shop called "Chocolate Sensations." 

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Canning Perennials. 

I am embarrassed to report that our camera battery died shortly after we arrived, but we did manage to capture a few pretty views of the display garden.

Gravel paths wind through the garden.

I loved the velvety texture and cool grey color of the Lamb's Ears.

A sky blue delphinium lit up one of the gravel paths. 

A lovely sedum with pink accenting its grey-green foliage.

The lush walled garden with a central pond.

Did I buy anything? They had a buy two plants, get one free deal that I was too weak to resist. I bought two of the newer varieties of echinacea and got a Golden Panda Corydalis for free:

Big Sky Sundown Echinacea

Meringue Echinacea

For more information on Canning Perennials, driving directions and hours of operation visit:


  1. That a great variety of Big Sky! I love the colour. I have so been there with the camera battery thing. Twice I have gone to preschool graduation ceremonies where my battery died, and I was unprepared.

  2. What a magical garden! Nothing like walking down a garden path to see what is around the next it! Kim

  3. What a lovely place and your photos are wonderful.


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